In today’s prevalence of online ordering, in the face of a large amount of domestic garbage we generate every day, it is not difficult to find that plastic fast foil containers occupy a large proportion. According to incomplete statistics, in China, more than 60 million plastic foil containers are used every day, which means that more than 20 billion plastic foil containers are produced every year, and there are 1 billion instant noodle bowls. Waste plastic accounts for about living about 7% of the garbage. It can be seen that we have fallen into the “garbage siege” of takeaway packaging. 

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Most of the plastic products used in takeaways are polypropylene and polyethylene, which are difficult to degrade. Compared with plastic foil containers, aluminium foil food containers are safe, environmentally friendly, and easy to recycle.

As the name suggests, the aluminium foil food container is made of aluminum foil. It has many features and advantages, including safety and sanitation, high and low-temperature resistance, green environmental protection, renewable energy saving, good sealing, high-end beauty, convenience and fast, etc. At present, the use of aluminum foil for containers and household food packaging aluminum foil is very common in most countries in the world. However, due to consumption habits, consumption concepts, awareness, and other reasons, there are large differences in consumption fields and consumption levels in various countries and regions, and the potential for development and application is still large. In addition to aviation aluminium foil containers in China, in recent years, they have also begun to promote the use of aluminium foil food containers and containers in the daily lives of residents. The market development and operation exemplifications of affiliated companies also show that the aluminum foil fast food box is suitable for China’s public conditions, and it can enter the catering takeaway, distribution, and pre-packaged food assiduity, and can also be used in the home to replace plastic and paper lunch boxes. It can be said that the expanded application of aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers is an essential choice for promoting green consumption, protecting food safety, saving food, and practicing the concept of green sustainable development.

As a packaging material, aluminum foil was first used in the field of pharmaceutical packaging and later in the field of high-end food packaging. The reason why aluminum foil is suitable for packaging tasks in these high-end fields is that it has the following advantages:

Aluminum foil container

Aluminum foil has high barrier properties

Aluminum foil has high parcels to water, water vapor, various gases (including aromatic substances), and light, and the parcel performance isn’t affected by environmental temperature and moisture. It can be used for air-tight, scent-conserving packaging, humidity-proof packaging, etc., requiring high barrier properties. Packaging occasions ( especially food packaging for high-temperature retort sterilization) can help humidity immersion, oxidation, and volatilization of the contents. Thus, the aluminum foil can be safely in contact with food and won’t contain or help the growth of bacteria. In most cases, aluminum foil will not react with food. However, a considerable number of plastic lunch boxes on the market are produced with raw materials of unknown origin, even fake materials and waste plastics, and the quality and reliability of them are difficult to guarantee. If calcium carbonate, talcum powder, industrial paraffin, and recycled waste are added to the production of disposable plastic tableware, it is easy to cause the evaporation residue (n-hexane) of the product to exceed the standard.

Aluminum foil container has good thermal conductivity, heat resistance, and low-temperature resistance

Aluminum foil can withstand high-temperature cooking and other thermal processing, has good thermal conductivity (the thermal conductivity can reach 55%) and does not produce harmful substances after heating; at the same time, aluminum foil is also suitable for freezing packaging and has good low-temperature resistance. It can maintain a stable shape and size at low temperatures. Aluminum foil can minimize the time and energy associated with food processing, refrigeration, and secondary heating. The thermal stability of aluminum foil enables the aluminum foil container to withstand temperature changes well during processing and packaging. The molecular structure is stable and does not change under the high and low temperatures of -20°C to 250°C. Its use temperature can range from rapid freezing to extreme baking and grilling. The aluminum foil will not be deformed, cracked, melted, or burnt during this period and will not produce harmful substances. Use aluminum foil to separate high-temperature charcoal fires and smoke to avoid carcinogens caused by scorched food. Aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers are ideal for autoclaving and heat sealing. Aluminum foil lunch box containers can be heated in various ways, including various ovens, ovens, anaerobic heating cabinets, steamers, steamers, microwave ovens (must be used in light waves and grills), pressure cookers to heat foods wrapped in aluminum foil. Related companies have developed supporting secondary heating equipment and packaging equipment for aluminum foil lunch boxes, which can greatly improve the delivery efficiency of catering companies and ensure the quality of meals. In contrast, the high-temperature resistance of plastic lunch boxes and containers is significantly lower than that of aluminum foil products. When they come into contact with high-temperature food, water, or high-temperature heating, they will release harmful substances, which will affect human health.

Aluminum foil container

Aluminum foil container is easy to process and shape, convenient to seal and ensures food hygiene

The aluminum foil has good formability. During the process of stamping tableware, cracks and breaks will not occur even in the wrinkled and curled parts. You can choose aluminum foils of different shapes, alloys, thicknesses, and heat treatment states according to your needs to accurately reflect the purpose of the product. Aluminum foil food containers and containers can use either the same aluminum foil material lid or paper, or other material lids. It is easy to deform and wrinkle to achieve a good seal and has strong heat preservation and freshness preservation capabilities, which can avoid For large-scale food delivery companies and central kitchen distribution, the automatic capping equipment developed by aluminum foil food container manufacturers can be used to improve the efficiency of distribution, and the effect is significantly better than other materials of food containers.

Aluminum foil food containers can be recycled and reused

Aluminum has extremely high recyclability and reproducibility can be recycled indefinitely, and can maintain its original characteristics. The energy required for the regeneration process of aluminum foil is only less than 5% of the energy required for primary aluminum production, and the greenhouse gas emissions are 95% less than that of primary aluminum. The aluminum foil lunch box can be fluently compressed after use easy to sort, thereby reducing the quantum of scrap. At present, the recycling value of plastic lunch boxes, especially foamed plastic lunch boxes, is low, the recycling rate isn’t high, and the recycling situation is veritably bad. A large number of discarding cause serious “white pollution,” affecting the city appearance and natural landscape, and also because it is difficult to degrade. Form “potential harm” to the ecological environment. There are numerous ways and ways to reclaim aluminum packaging accoutrements, and nearly any discarded aluminum- containing packaging will ultimately be reclaimed. Society, government, and the public are increasingly agreeing on recycling, recovering technologies are constantly perfecting, and recovering systems are constantly perfecting.

Aluminum foil food also has good decorative properties

Aluminum foil containers also have good decorative characteristics, highlighting product differentiation and a sense of luxury. At present, with the technological progress of the aluminum industry and the improvement of production efficiency, the production and manufacturing costs of aluminum and aluminum foil are gradually decreasing, and the cost-effective advantage is becoming more and more obvious. At the same time, with the progress of society, consumers have gradually established green consumption concepts and consumption habits. Food safety awareness, health and hygiene awareness, environmental and ecological awareness, and consumption capacity have been continuously enhanced. The time for large-scale application and promotion of aluminum foil food containers is ripe. For the aluminum industry, the promotion and application of aluminum foil food containers and other aluminum foil containers also provide strong support for expanding applications.

Market prospects of aluminum foil food containers

In short, aluminum foil food containers and aluminum foil containers are the best choices for ensuring food safety and sanitation, maintaining life and health, saving resources and energy, and practicing green consumption at present and in the future due to their diversified excellent performance. They have good application potential and market prospects. Very good.

Especially when the world is paying attention to energy saving, emission reduction, and pollution reduction, the advantages of aluminum foil lunch boxes will be more prominent in the future, and the application market will become more and more huge. Therefore, for food processing companies and all kinds of companies that need aluminum foil food containers, cooperating with a supplier that can continue to produce high-quality aluminum foil containers is currently the most important issue.

Choose a reliable supplier of aluminium foil food containers

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