Aluminum Micro-Channel Tube

  • Aluminum micro-channel tube is a kind of high-precision extruded aluminum tube, also called multi-port extrusion tube (MPE tube) and an aluminum micro-channel tube. This flat, rectangular extruded tube is made of several channels that increase heat transfer through a higher surface-per-volume ratio.
  • Aluminum micro-channel tubes are available in various sizes and aluminum alloys, ensuring the best performance for the purpose required, and can be delivered with zinc or flux coating, ready for assembly and oven brazing.

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Products Category of Aluminum Micro-channel Tube

CHAL is an excellent factory for producing aluminum micro-channel tubes, so aluminium micro-channel tubes can provide various multi-channel aluminum tubes with different sizes, shapes, and aluminum alloys. The following products are available for inquiring:

  • Aluminium Micro-channel Tube
  • Aluminium Multi-Port Tube 
  • Parallel Flow Aluminium Flat Tube
  • Zinc-coated Aluminum Tube
  • Pre-Flux Coated Aluminium Tube
  • Si Flux Coated Aluminum Tube
  • Large Multi-channel Tube(width range 50-200mm)
  • Double Row Joint Multi-channel Flat Tube
Aluminium Micro-channel Tube

Product Dimension Control Range of Aluminum Micro-Channel Tube

Fixed length200mm-4000mm
Width (aluminum micro-channel tubes)8mm-60mm
Width (large multi-channel)60-200mm
Wall thickness0.15mm-0.6mm
Thickness of zinc spraying5g/㎡-15g/㎡
Thickness of flux coating8g/㎡-25g/㎡

Tolerance of Aluminum Micro-channel Tube

WidthThicknessWall ThicknessesLengthStraightness (side)Straightness (front)Twisty
±0. 04mm±0. 03mm±0. 05mm±0. 30mm≤L*0.2%≤L*0. 25%≤L*0.15%

Coating Standard and Corrosion Resistance of Aluminum Micro Channel Tube

Corrosion resistance (common alloy)Salt spray test: ≥750 hours
Zn Coating standard8±2g/㎡, 10±2g/㎡, 13±2g/㎡
Flux Coating standard10-15±2g/㎡

Alloy Options for Aluminum Micro-channel Tube (Accept Customized Service)

At CHAL, we’re committed to manufacturing aluminum tubing products of the highest quality. To do this, quality control is according to rigorous criteria covering quality, and we work hard to drive innovation, finding and testing new alloys as we seek to develop tubing products for the engineering projects of tomorrow.

Chemical Composition of Aluminum Micro-channel Tube

NoAlloy GradesSiFeCuMnMgCrZnVTi

Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Micro-channel Tube

No.Alloy GradesTemperTensile StrengthYield StrengthElongation

3 Kinds of Coating Solutions for Aluminum Micro-channel Tube

Coating MaterialPre- Flux CoatingNOCOLOK Si Flux CoatingZinc Coating
Main ComponentsFlux(K1-3A1F46)NOCLOK F1ux: 66.6%Silicon Powder: 33.3%Or according to customers requirementsZinc powder

No need for extra brazing in brazing line but use aluminum fin material with a layerThe Si-flux to spray solder flux when brazing and the fin material can be bare foil The tube with zinc-coated will highly enhance  corrosion resistance performance

How to start our cooperation (procedures)?

order process of aluminium products

Advantages of Silicon Flux Coated Aluminium Micro-channel Tube

Compared with traditional aluminum tube, aluminum micro-channel tube with solder layer on the surface has a greater advantage:

  1. Improve quality, enhance brazing, guarantee 100% brazing quality anti-corrosion, and be environment-friendly.
  2. Reduce cost: cheaper fin material replaces composite clad fin material, the thickness can be reduced up to 30%, reduce cost greatly, lower consumption of solder, and fewer defects.
  3. Working condition improvement: no air flux particles, effluent reduction, and harmful gas sent out.
working princle of aluminum micro-channel tube

Micro-channel Technology in Heat Exchanger

Aluminium micro channel tube is the alternative solution to cooper tube and welded aluminum manifolds for increasing efficiency and reducing the overall cost.

  • Reduce your system refrigerant charge by as much as 35%.
  • improve your energy efficiency/coefficient of performance by up to 10%.
  • Reduce your raw material consumption by more than 40%.
  • Reduce your manufacturing cost compared to aluminum and copper heat exchangers.
  • Easily recycle.
Micro-channel Technology in Heat Exchanger

Applications of Aluminum Micro-channel Tubes

  • Heat transfer for the automotive market
  • Heat transfer for the HVAC&R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) market
  • Air conditioning installation
  • Industrial production
  • Solar thermal

CHAL Aluminium Corporation focuses on the research and development of aluminum, we work with a famous academic institution and industrial association. Our researchers and academic partners take part in the business & technical development of the processing and producing aluminum products. We work on moving boundaries of how aluminium is used. We develop and design solutions that benefit the improvement of aluminum performance both technically and economically. CHAL Aluminium Group has 5 R/D centers across China.

Production Line and Capacity

CHAL Aluminium Corporation is one of the biggest aluminum micro-channel tube suppliers in China, comprehensive annual capacity can reach 20000T.

Main Production LineQtyProductsAnnual Capacity
Extrusion Line6MPE Tube in Coil20000T
Cutting Line15Fixed Straight Length15000T
Tooling R&D Manufacturing Center1Extrusion Die5000PCS
Zinc Coating6Zinc Coated Tube20000T
Si-Flux Coating1Si-Flux Coated Tube2000T


35 Invention Patents and 198 Utility Model Patents are certified.

35 Invention Patents and 198 Utility Model Patents

Production Process

The manufacturing processes consist of heat molds and aluminum billet, extrusion, zinc spraying, cooling(flux coating), rolling and cutting.

The manufacturing processes consist of heat moulds

Production Equipment 

Aluminum Billet Cast Equipment (Germany)

Aluminum Billet Cast Equipment (Germany)

Extruder: 1650T/1800T/2000T/2600T/3600T


Metallisation Zinc Spray System (UK)

Metallisation Zinc Spray System
Pre-flux/Si0flux Coating Line


Certificates of aluminium micro-channel tube

Testing Instruments

Testing Instruments of aluminium micro-channel tube

Burst Pressure Test

Burst Pressure Test Chart

Cooperation Partners

CHAL Cooperation Partners

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