Aluminum powder for sand aerated concrete (GFAL-66)

Aluminum Powder for Aerated Concrete

Aluminum powder for aerated concrete is a kind of concrete additive, which can improve the gas evolution and stability, and help to enhance the strength and durability of concrete.

Aluminum powder can react with calcium hydroxide in the water to form aluminum hydroxide. This compound can fill the micro-holes and cracks in the concrete, thus improving the compactness and durability of the concrete.

Aluminum powder can promote cement hydration reactions in concrete, improving its strength and stiffness.

In aerated concrete, aluminum powder can be used as a foaming agent. When mixed with water, it produces a lot of water vapor and forms pores, which makes the concrete lighter and better in heat insulation. The aerated concrete has a two-in-one effect on building and thermal insulation.

1. Aluminum Powder for Fly Ash Aerated Concrete (GFAL-65)

Aluminum powder for fly ash aerated concrete (GFAL-65)

Category: GFAL-65

Model: Aluminum powder for fly ash aerated concrete (GFAL-65)

Brief Introduction: The product is suitable for the production of fly ash aerated concrete, with uniform particle size and scientific ratio. The solid content is over 67%, gas evolution is 0.75g-75ml, the theoretical dosage is about 0.5 kg/m³, and the gas evolution is still stable when the concrete placement temperature is over 50℃.

2. Aluminum Powder for Sand Aerated Concrete (GFAL-66)

Aluminum powder for sand aerated concrete (GFAL-66)

Category: GFAL-66

Model: Aluminum powder for sand aerated concrete (GFAL-66)

Brief Introduction: The product is suitable for aerated concrete and blocks of raw materials such as sand, ceramic clay, and tail. The particle size is uniform, solid content over 67%, gas evolution 0.75g-75ml, and theoretical dosage about 0.5 kg/m³.

3. Aluminum Powder for Exportation (GFAL-67)

Aluminum powder for exportation (GFAL-67)

Category: GFAL-67

Model: Aluminum powder for exportation (GFAL-67)

The Order Process of Aluminum Powder for Aerated Concrete

order process of aluminum products

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