Aluminum foil tape is mainly based on aluminum foil, coated with acrylic adhesive, with high peel strength, excellent adhesion, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, and flame resistance. Since it is made of high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive, it has the functions of good viscosity, strong adhesion, and anti-aging.

Common aluminum foil tapes in the general market include ordinary aluminum foil tapes, conductive aluminum foil tapes, high peeling aluminum foil tapes, reinforced aluminum foil tapes, marine welding aluminum foil tapes, and heater special aluminum foil tapes. It is mainly used in places where electromagnetic shielding is required in various electronic products such as PDA, PDP, LCD displays, notebook computers, copiers, etc., or in the outer packaging of the steam duct to prevent the temperature from dissipating to the outside.

The Function of Aluminum Foil Tape:

  • Repair broken

Aluminum foil tape is a composite material that has the function of repairing seams. For example, if a certain part of a refrigerator or air conditioner line is broken, it can also be repaired with aluminum foil tape.

  • Anti-radiation

Aluminum foil tape has an anti-radiation effect, so it is widely used in electronic products, such as mobile phones, computers, photocopies, etc.

  • Bandaging of gas pipes

If there is a hole in a gas pipe somewhere, you can wrap the gas pipe with aluminum foil tape to reuse the gas pipe without dangerous failure. Repairing with aluminum foil tape can also prevent the aging of the gas pipeline.

  • Prevent temperature emission

The aluminum foil tape can also wrap the steam pipe, which prevents the steam pipe from aging and prevents the heat of the steam pipe from escaping.

Some Smart Uses of Aluminum Foil Tape

You have already learned about the functions of aluminum foil tape, but have you thought about its application? Where can it be applied to? I have to tell you that it has a wide range of usage. Here are some various smart using ways you should know.

  • Insulation of water pipes

aluminum foil tape for insulation of water pipes

Because the aluminum foil tape has a thermal insulation function, it can effectively prevent the water pipes from freezing due to large cooling.

However, many people may not know that aluminum foil tape has many other functions besides wrapping water pipes.

  • Anti-mildew and stain-proof kitchen

aluminum foil tape for anti-mildew and stain proof kitchen

Aluminum foil tape has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, it is difficult to breed microorganisms on the surface, and it is easy to clean. It is suitable for use in humid environments and has the effect of anti-mildew and anti-fouling, such as the side seam of the stove and the sink, the corner of the drawer of the kitchen cabinet, etc.

  • Range hood duct seal

aluminum foil tape for range hood duct seal

If the ventilation duct of the range hood at home is easy to loosen, it can be wrapped and fixed with aluminum foil tape, which can also play a sealing role.

  • Repair pot

aluminum foil tape for pot repair

Some slightly damaged pots can be pasted with aluminum foil tape, which can repair the pot and play a thickening role to make the pot more resistant to burning.

In addition to the above uses, aluminum foil tape can also play a certain role in electromagnetic shielding, but this use is mainly suitable for producing electronic products.

The Advantage of Aluminum Foil Tape

1. It can suppress the polarization of the battery, reduce the thermal effect, and improve the rate performance;

2. It can reduce the internal resistance of the battery and significantly reduce the increase in dynamic internal resistance during the cycle;

3. Improve consistency and increase battery cycle life;

4. Improve the adhesion between the active material and the current collector, and reduce the manufacturing cost of the pole piece;

5. Protect the collector from being corroded by the electrolyte;

6. Improve the processing performance of lithium iron phosphate and lithium titanate materials.

Aluminum foil tape not only uses different materials from other tapes but also can eliminate electromagnetic interference and the damage to the human body caused by the thin wave of isolation points. Therefore, aluminum foil tapes are generally used in many electronic products and some important industrial fields. Its price is higher than other tapes because it has unique advantages and different materials.


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