In a lot of publicity about garbage sorting, used lunch boxes are classified as “other garbage,” which is okay for lunch boxes of other materials! However, the used Aluminium Foil Container can be regarded as “recyclable garbage“!

Aluminum Foil Food Containers

The use of aluminum foil lunch boxes is becoming more and more common

At present, many large and medium-sized cities in China have begun to implement waste classification fully. According to the garbage classification requirements, garbage needs to be divided into four categories: recyclable garbage, kitchen waste, other garbage, and hazardous garbage for recycling. This requires residents and related personnel to understand the relevant waste classification knowledge to classify clearly accurately. Only in this way can the efficiency of waste classification and subsequent waste treatment and utilization be improved.

In this environment, the disagreement over selecting materials for taking-eschewal mess boxes and food packaging holders has become clearer. The advantages of aluminum foil lunch boxes, aluminum foil food packaging containers, and household aluminum foil in recycling are stressed, and they are once again proud of other materials! Aluminum foil used as a lunch box and catering container have many characteristics and advantages, including safety and health, high and low-temperature resistance, green and environmental protection, renewable energy saving, good sealing, high-end beauty, convenience, speed, etc. Aluminum foil lunch boxes, containers, and household aluminum foil will gradually become the first choice for urban catering and food packaging markets in the future to implement mandatory garbage classification.

aviation aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers

It needs to be emphasized that good”recyclability” is the biggest advantage of aluminum foil containers and aluminum foil products, and it’s also the main reason for expanding applications. Still, this advantage is delicate to show without the implementation of waste classification because all the mixed waste aluminum foil isn’t easy to be sorted out, and it’s mixed in the domestic waste and transferred to the landfill or transferred to the waste power generation. But what everyone doesn’t know is that all the aluminum foil lunch boxes and aluminum foil paper ( used to pack burgers and fire, as well as the lid of the lunch box) used by the passengers on the airplane have been reclaimed at the field. A particular recycling company removes the food in the aluminum foil lunch box, rinses the lunch box, and then airs it, and then packs the aluminum foil container to a recycling aluminum plant for remelting and turning it into aluminum alloy ingots for recycling. Commonly used cars, bicycles, home appliances, aluminum doors and windows, and computers in our lives contain recycled aluminum elements. In the process of aluminum foil container and container recycling, “sorting” is the most important link!

aluminum alloy ingots

The classification of municipal waste has brought new opportunities to recycle aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers. It has brought new opportunities to expand the application of such products. However, we have noticed that in many trash classification flyers and apps, used lunch boxes are classified as “other trash,” which is okay for lunch boxes of other materials! However, the used aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers and aluminum foil paper can be treated as “recyclable garbage” after a little treatment after use! This needs to be widely disseminated and recognized!

“Recyclability” is the biggest advantage of aluminum foil containers and aluminum foil products

The recycled aluminium foil food containers are sent to the recycling aluminum plant to be remelted into aluminum alloy ingots.

Plastic lunch boxes and containers have almost no recycling value. If they are burned, they will produce much harmful gas dioxin, which can only be landfilled and is difficult to degrade. Some other paper and biomass lunch box containers can only be landfilled and gradually degraded. Only aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers, and related products can be recycled and reused, enter the new recycling system, and be used by mankind forever!

Choose a Reliable Aluminium Foil Container Supplier

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