An aluminum plate is a rectangular plate that is rolled by an aluminum ingot, it can be divided into a pure aluminum plate, aluminum alloy plate, aluminum sheet, medium-thick aluminum plate, and patterned aluminum plate. All of us know that the difficulty of cutting aluminum plates with different thicknesses and materials is different. Aluminum plate cutting relies on equipment, followed by technology.

Here will introduce you to how to cut aluminum plates including the cutting process and equipment.

1. What are the methods of cutting aluminum plates?

First, we need to know the equipment or process available for aluminum plate cutting: angle grinder, air plasma cutting machine, plate cutting machine, and other methods of processing.

Laser cutting machine

(1) Laser cutting

Aluminum and aluminum alloy materials are more suitable for continuous-mode laser cutting. Despite these two materials having high reflectivity and high thermal conductivity, they also can be cut if the thickness is less than 6mm, which depends on the alloy type and the capabilities of the laser itself. Laser cutting has little damage, and any sawing can cause poor stubble formation. Depending on the material, aluminum plates can be divided into hard or soft, and it does not matter whether to become hard if there is poor stubble formation. But for the soft, it maybe causes some problems such as breakage, weakness, and clamping, the cross-section is also rough, and the bending is even worse, resulting in irreversible deformation. Especially for aluminum panels, cutting machines and angle grinders may be better.

(2) Oxygen or high-pressure nitrogen cutting

Aluminum plates can also be cut by using oxygen or high-pressure nitrogen: When cutting with oxygen, the cutting surface will become rough and hard. Although it only produces a little flame, it is difficult to eliminate. While using nitrogen, the cutting surface is smooth. When processing aluminum plates below 3mm, a virtually burr-free cut can be obtained through optimal adjustment. For thicker plates, it can produce edge burrs that are difficult to remove.

(3) Wire-cutting or water cutting

Both wire cutting and water cutting are available for thick aluminum plate cutting. It is fast cutting the aluminum plates with an aluminum plate cutter, but without exception, there will be a slight deformation after cutting. A portable saw for cutting tiles can also be used, and a toothless saw is not recommended, as the sawdust will paste the saw blade, which does not have a good effect. Band saws are also good. Using a raised hand saw with both ends can also be used, or break it by drilling small holes with a drill in the middle. It can even be shaved off with a shovel If the fitter is skilled.

Aluminum machine and Aluminum plate

2. How to cut aluminum plates?

(1) Adjust the position to the required size first, when cutting composite plates with an imported cutting machine, then cut a small point, and recheck whether the size matches the required size. When it matches, start cutting, and otherwise adjust until it meets the requirements.

(2) When cutting composite plates, the cutting direction must be from left to right, from top to bottom, and reverse cutting is not allowed. The plate must be upward. When two people cut together, a simple sign language or password must be used to indicate that cutting is possible, and one operator can only step on the clutch.

(3) After cutting, it is necessary to check whether the data of the cut aluminum plate is consistent with the processing phase, and the error is allowed to be ± 1.0mm. If not, repeat the above work. After meeting the requirements, gently place the cut aluminum plates on the cleaning platform for cleaning to avoid damaging them.

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