3 knowledge about Heat Exchanger Finned Tube

In recent years, with the wide application of new technologies and new processes, a new type of heating tube material-finned tube was born.Finned tubeis a kind of heat exchange element. In order to improve the heat exchange efficiency, fins are usually ad


Why Do Manufacturers in These Industries Prefer to Choose Aluminium Tubes?

Generally speaking, the price of aluminium tube is slightly higher than that of the steel tube. Why do manufacturers choose to replace original steel tube products at a higher price? This article will analyze the causes of this situation in detail.


What are the processing techniques of aluminium alloy?

Aluminium alloy is a commonly used industrial material. It is light, corrosion-resistant, and easy to process. It can be formed into various kinds of industrial materials by all known metal processing techniques.


Difference Between Aluminium Tube and Steel Tube

Aluminium tubes and steel tubes are ubiquitous in automotive, aerospace, industrial, construction, research, and medical applications.


Something You Don't Know About Aluminium Tube

This article will show the contents of the aluminium tube from multiple aspects, possibly some of you are known, and describe this content in more detailed, and popularize more knowledge about aluminium tubes.


The Difference Between Aluminium and Aluminum

Due to the universal use of aluminum, two English spelling methods of aluminum appear in the world, one is "aluminum", one is "aluminium". What is the cause of these two spelling methods, what is the difference between them?


Physical and Chemical Properties of Aluminum

Aluminum is a soft and lightweight metal. Since it is exposed to the air to quickly form a thin layer of the oxide layAluminum is used in many industries for manufacturing millions of different products, and is a very important role in the world economy.


Key Technologies for Producing Parallel Flow Aluminum Flat Tube

Due to high technical content, it is extremely difficult to manufacture. The aluminium tube manufacturer requires extremely high production technology to produce qualified micro-channel aluminum tubes.


Why Choose Parallel Flow Aluminium Flat Tube in AC Condenser?

The condenser is an important component in the air-conditioning device refrigeration system, which directly affects the performance of the air conditioner.


What is the Advantage of Coated Welding Process?

In the process of welding aluminum tubes, there is a silicon-containing flux, which is mainly used for welding aluminum material. The adhesive solution is mainly used to secure the flux on the substrate. Coating solder welding requires the above two mater


What is the Purpose of Aluminium Foil?

There are many uses of aluminum foils that are well known. So how did people discover the use of aluminum foil? Why is it so popular? Is it harmful to the human body? These issues will answer one by one.


Why Use Telescopic Aluminum Tube?

In this guide, we will explore what is a telescopic tube, the type of telescopic tube, and telescopic tube functions. In addition, you will also understand the benefits of telescopic aluminum tubes.