Aluminum foil (or aluminum foil in North America; usually informally called tin foil) is aluminum made from thin metal leaves less than 0.2 mm (7.9 mils) thick; thinner gauges as low as 6 microns (0.24 mils) are also commonly used. Thousands of tons of aluminum foil are used all over the world to protect and package food, cosmetics and chemicals. Among them, aluminum foil is most used in the field of food packaging.

Aluminum foil bags are widely used in food packaging. Their silvery, textured appearance always has an inexplicable appeal. Perhaps humans, like dragons, also like shiny things. Everyone has a heart for beauty. The use of aluminum foil as a food packaging bag can ensure the flavor, color, and temperature of the food, and extend the shelf life. Therefore, many food factories have begun to use aluminum foil as packaging materials. So why is aluminum foil the material of choice for food packaging? This is of course related to its unique characteristics.

Aluminum Foil

Features of Aluminum Foil

When aluminum foil is used as a food packaging material, it can keep the flavor of the food for a longer time and prolong the shelf life of the food. The realization of these functions mainly depends on the aluminum foil’s high barrier properties, light barrier properties, high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, non-toxic and tasteless characteristics, etc. Because of these near-perfect features and advantages, it is very popular in the food packaging industry. Because aluminum foil has these near-perfect characteristics and advantages, it is very popular in the food packaging industry. The following summarizes the characteristics and advantages of 6 aluminum foils.

  • High barrier, anti-oxidation ——can extend the shelf life of food

The aluminum foil’s high barrier properties, moisture resistance, and oxidation resistance can isolate food from oxygen, water vapor, stains, etc., creating an excellent storage environment for food. Some aluminum foil packaging also adds a desiccant/deoxidizer or uses vacuum packaging or vacuum packaging methods to achieve the purpose of extending the shelf life of the food.

  • High mechanical strength—— strong impact resistance and piercing ability

Aluminum foil has many excellent physical properties, such as high mechanical strength, high impact resistance, and strong puncture ability, making the food bag difficult to break, and can protect the food from damage caused by external factors such as extrusion, impact, vibration, temperature difference, etc., thereby reducing Loss during storage, transportation, and racking.

  • Strong adaptability—— can adapt to various environments

Aluminum foil has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, etc., and can adapt to various environments. The environment of food processing and production does not have much influence on its performance.

  • Easy to process —— Can meet most packaging needs

Easy to process. Aluminum has a low melting point, good heat-sealability, and is extremely easy to shape, and can be processed into any shape according to the mold. The processed aluminum foil has excellent ductility and can be used to cover foods of different shapes. It is also easy to carry out surface treatment, such as the embossing process can make aluminum foil more beautiful and promote consumption.

  • Lightweight—— Reduce transportation costs and reduce product packaging volume

The thickness of the aluminum foil is extremely thin, which can minimize the weight of the product while achieving the protection function. Lightweight packaging can reduce shipping costs and improve ease of use.

  • Protect Environment—— Save energy without polluting the environment

Aluminum is the metal element with the most content in the earth’s crust and the third most common material with a wide range of sources. Aluminum foil has certain corrosion resistance, stable chemical properties, and a long packaging life. It can be recycled and reused, and the energy consumption of its recycling program is only 5% of the original production. It is an economical and sustainable choice. 

The aluminum foil is compounded with paper and plastic to make a composite flexible packaging material. Especially after the aluminum foil is combined with plastic and paper, this composite material can integrate the shielding properties of aluminum foil with the strength of paper and the heat-sealability of plastics, and further improve the necessary resistance to water vapor, air, ultraviolet rays, and The shielding performance of bacteria, etc., greatly expands the application market of aluminum foil. 

 aluminum foil package bag

Pure aluminum foil products — aluminum foil container

Due to its excellent ductility, aluminum foil can appear in food packaging in any shape. Among all kinds of food packaging, aluminum foil containers are the most used ones.

The aluminium foil container is widely used tableware. The thickness of the aluminum foil container is generally between 0.03mm~0.20mm, which can be divided into two types: no wrinkles and wrinkles. It can also be divided into one-time and repeated use. Aluminum foil containers are often called tin foil lunch boxes. Their processing raw materials are generally 3003 or 8011 aluminum foil. After cold rolling or hot rolling, the aluminum foil becomes a reprocessed product with uniform thickness, smooth surface, no pinholes, no dust particles, and no peculiar smell. This process is a one-time, fully automatic cold stamping production process through special equipment and molds. The aluminium foil container can be heated directly on the gas stove and baked in the microwave without worrying about danger, which brings great convenience to people.

aluminium foil food container

At the same time, aluminum foil lunch boxes are more environmentally friendly than plastic lunch boxes. The composition of the aluminum foil container is aluminum, and the recovery rate of aluminum is high. Aluminum can be recycled up to 25 times and is easy to recycle. The aluminum foil container will not produce harmful substances during the recycling process. Of course, aluminum foil can also be made into other different styles of packaging products, such as aluminum foil bags. 

It can be seen from the fact that all countries are restricting the overloading of plastic packaging, finding new food packaging materials is an inevitable development process. Due to its excellent characteristics, aluminum foil is rapidly occupying the food packaging market. If you also want to use aluminum foil to package your products. Then choosing a professional aluminum foil manufacturer is particularly important. At present, there are many aluminum foil suppliers on the market, but the quality of aluminum foil produced by various manufacturers varies, and the prices are also high and low. Chal Aluminium Corporation is a top aluminum foil supplier from China. We have been committed to providing high-quality aluminum products to customers all over the world.

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