Aluminum foil tape they’re pretty much the same as regular scotch tape. They are both wide and thin profiles, coated with high-strength adhesive on one side, but their main materials are quite different.

The primary material of transparent tape is Bopp film, while the most basic material of aluminum foil tape is aluminum foil. Moreover, the adhesives of the two are also different. Transparent tape generally uses natural or synthetic rubber and Acrylic, while aluminum foil tape has higher requirements on the adhesive and uses acrylic glue.

aluminum foil tape

Due to the difference in substrates and adhesives, aluminum foil tapes are much more powerful than ordinary transparent tapes. It can be said that aluminum foil tapes can do things that ordinary tapes cannot.

However, aluminum foil tape is not popular in daily life because of its high cost, high price, and special functions. It only shines with its magical light in some specific fields of industrial products.

Why is aluminum foil tape so powerful? Everything is related to the word “aluminum foil” that comes with it – aluminum foil has extraordinary physical properties.

The use of aluminum foil tape

One of the biggest features of aluminum foil tape is that it can isolate electromagnetic signals, and it is widely used in the field of electronic products.

For example, transformers, such as household notebook computers, and LCD monitors of desktop computers, are wrapped with aluminum foil tapes in these appliances to shield electromagnetic signals and accelerate the transmission of electronic signals.

Because of its isolation effect on electromagnetic waves, it also plays a role in preventing electromagnetic damage and protecting human health.

In the mobile phones, we play with all day, aluminum foil tape is also used to shield electromagnetic signals.

aluminum foil tape

Characteristics of aluminum foil tape

Aluminum foil tape also has a very powerful performance: anti-ultraviolet and anti-corrosion.

With this resistance, aluminum foil tape is also useful in many extremely harsh and harsh environments, especially in oil and gas pipelines in urban construction and housing construction, as well as petrochemical transportation pipelines, aluminum foil tapes can be seen.

In addition to high strength self-adhesive, aluminum foil tape is specially designed to protect these pipes and tower structures, and it is a bright spot in the industrial industry.

It is still isolated as if the aluminum foil tape is a heartless master, electromagnetic signals can be shielded, and ultraviolet rays cannot pass through. It is unimaginable that, as a tape, the ordinary transparent tape is soft when it encounters fire, and it burns quickly. There is a kind of Aluminum foil tape that is fire-retardant and flame-retardant.

The production of this aluminum foil tape adopts a very innovative and cutting-edge technology. It is composed of aluminum foil, silicone release paper, glass fiber cloth, and a high-end material coated with a strong flame-retardant acrylic adhesive. . Such tall aluminum foil tapes are generally used for sealing and repairing fire and insulation nail penetrations and air conditioning duct systems.

In fact, in addition to the general functions described above, people also use their imaginations to give aluminum foil tapes a variety of other materials, making conductive aluminum foil tapes, heater special tapes, reinforced aluminum foil tapes, and other various categories. , so that the application of aluminum foil tape in the industrial field is more and more extensive.

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