As the use of aluminum coil becomes more and more popular, aluminum coil storage is very important for customers. Today, this article will introduce precautions for aluminum coil storage.

Features of Aluminum Coil

Aluminum coil storage is based on the feature of the aluminum coil so it is important to know their feature. The aluminum coil has the characteristics of low density, long service life, and beautiful appearance. It is an indispensable product for pipe insulation in power plants and chemical plants. 

aluminum coil

Why should store aluminum coil correctly?

Aluminum coil is the highest used among aluminum products, so the general aluminum product processing enterprises will store aluminum coils more or less for emergency use. To make better use of aluminum coils and prolong the service life of aluminum coils, there are strict requirements for the storage environment of aluminum coils. However, if the aluminum coil is not properly stored during storage, the aluminum coil is very easy to oxidize, resulting in damage to the surface of the aluminum coil and affecting its use. So how can you better store the aluminum coil to avoid the above situation?

4 precautions for aluminum coil storage

1. The first requirement for aluminum coil storage is the storage environment.

When storing aluminum coils, you should make sure that the storage place is ventilated and dry, and also avoid storing them in humid places. Since the aluminum coil is a non-ferrous metal, if the surface is exposed to water or the environment is humid, it is very easy to oxidize. When the aluminum coils are forming pieces of oxidation marks on the surface that will result in damage to the appearance of the aluminum coil, they cannot be used. Therefore, a good storage environment directly affects the quality of the aluminum coil and its useful life. A dry environment is a necessary condition for aluminum coils storage, so you need to ensure that the storage environment is ventilated and dry.

2. The second precaution of aluminum coil storage is better packaging sealing.


When the aluminum coil leaves the factory, there will be a waterproof package. The appearance will be wrapped with a layer of plastic cloth, and a few packets of desiccant will be placed inside to prevent oxidation due to moisture or rainy weather during transportation. But when you are using it, it is inevitable to open the outer packaging of the packaging, which leaves a hidden danger for the aluminum coil to be oxidized. So if you are not in special circumstances, try not to open the outer packaging easily. If it is opened and not used up, it needs to be sealed again and stored in a dry and well-ventilated place to ensure that our aluminum coils will not be damp and damaged.

3. The location of aluminum coil storage is very important.

The placement of aluminum coils is often overlooked by everyone, but in fact, it is also very important. If the aluminum coils are placed directly on the floor, the lowermost aluminum coils will be oxidized by moisture. For example, the aluminum coils are separated by wooden brackets, which is more conducive to ventilation and makes the aluminum coils less susceptible to moisture.

4. Allow the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the aluminum coil to balance before opening the package for use.

If you suddenly change from a low-temperature area to a high-temperature area during placement, then you should not open the package immediately, because it is easy to oxidize. You should wait until the aluminum coil is suitable for unpacking so that there will be no oxidation. This can ensure that the aluminum coil will not generate moisture due to a large temperature difference, and avoid moisture and oxidation between the aluminum coil and the aluminum coil.

The above 4 points are things that you need to pay attention to during aluminum coil storage. If the above 4 points can be achieved, the aluminum coils can avoid oxidation, thereby prolonging the service life of aluminum coils.

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