Color-coated aluminum coil is a product obtained by coloring the surface of an aluminum coil. Because of its high-cost performance, it is widely used in aluminum ceilings, roof surfaces, scrap steel, cans, aluminum veneer curtain walls, and other industries. So in addition to the feature of the high-cost performance, does this product have other advantages?

1. Why use a coating aluminum coil?

Bright colors and strong decoration

The color-coated aluminum coil has a real sense of physical hierarchy, bringing people a sense of freshness and elegance. Moreover, different colors are not static and can be customized according to the specific development needs of enterprise customers. The performance of decorative materials is high-quality.

The excellent technical performance and high folding resistance

The raw materials used in the production process of this product are all high-quality materials, so there is no problem with the product quality. It can be applied well under different working pressures and different ambient temperatures and humidity and is not prone to bending deformation and shell expansion with a high application effect.

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2. Methods of coating aluminum coil

Aluminum coil coatings are mainly anti-corrosion. Today, we will focus on methods of aluminum coil coatings.

Brush coating of aluminum coil

Brush coating is an early, simple, and traditional manual coating method, which is easy to operate and flexible, and can be applied to objects of any shape. In addition to dry and poor leveling coatings, it can also be applied to various coatings. The brushing method can make the paint penetrate, penetrate the pores of the metal surface, and enhance the adhesion between the coating film and the metal. The disadvantages are high labor intensity, low work efficiency, and poor coating appearance.

Scratch Coating of aluminum coil

Squeegee coating is a method that cannot be used for automobile coating with a scraper. It is used for the coating of liquid coatings with high user viscosity and high solid content. The common safety problems of the coating film in the blade coating operation are cracking, falling off, rolling, etc., and the thickness of the coating film is difficult to achieve uniformity.

Scratch Coating
Scratch Coating

Dip coating of aluminum coil

Painting is also a traditional Chinese painting technique. In this method, the object to be coated can be immersed in the tank liquid containing the paint, then taken out, and the excess paint can be dripped back into the tank liquid, or the excess paint can be thrown off by various mechanical design methods. This method has a high risk of solvent loss and is easy to develop and causes environmental air quality pollution. It is not suitable for volatile coatings, and the thickness of the coating film is not easy to uniform. Generally, it is mainly used for equipment or workpieces with complex social structures.

For example: In chemical plants, some equipment, such as combined heat exchangers, can be constructed by full dip coating because the inner pipe cannot be sprayed. Dip aluminized steel pipes are mainly used for petrochemical furnace pipes, various heat exchanger pipes, fractionation tower pipes, etc.

Spray coating of aluminum coil

Flow coating is a coating process in which the paint is sprayed from the nozzle to the surface of the object to be coated, and the paint flows from top to bottom to completely cover the surface of the object to be coated and form a coating film. The equipment used in this method is simple, it is relatively easy to realize mechanized production, the operation is simple and the production efficiency is high, but the coating film is not smooth or the coverage is incomplete. The thickness of the coating film is not easy to be uniform. Flow coating consumes more solvent than dip coating and can also cause pollution problems.

Spray Coating
Spray Coating

Spray of aluminum coil

Spraying is to use the negative pressure generated by data compressed air at the nozzle of the spray gun to carry the paint into the container. The paint in the container is sprayed from the paint through the nozzle and immediately enters the high-speed compressed air flow in China so that the paint liquid develops and spreads rapidly one by one. The mist-like particles are shot towards the object to be coated and evenly coated on the surface. This method requires that the paint to be sprayed has a relatively low viscosity. Often added as a diluent in coatings. It is suitable for various architectural coatings and various objects to be coated in enterprises, and it is a relatively systematic and extensive coating technology process.

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