Round Aluminum Drawn Tube (Aluminum Smooth Tube)

For drawn aluminum tube, which can be drawn to round tube, flat oval tube, or other shapes of the tube as per customer’s requirement. Generally, the tube shape is round. It is used in different fields according to different diameters and thicknesses, widely used in a variety of heat exchangers, also called aluminum smooth tubes. The high precision drawing tube is made by extruding and drawing.

Applications of Round Aluminum Drawn Tube

  • Aluminum round drawn tube for parallel flow heat-exchanger, water tank, radiator.
  • Billet of condenser header pipe and condenser drier, such as specifications: OD: φ20~φ50, thickness: 8~1.2.
  • Connecting tubing for auto, we provide bending service.
  • Can be used as a large air-cooling tube, such as 1050 aluminum drawn tube φ25*0.6~1.5, φ28*0.8~1.5.
  • The high anti-corrosion alloy drawn tube for solar thermal.

Specifications of Round Aluminum Drawn Tube

The tube can be cut into fixed length or delivered with the coil.

1. Specifications of Round Tube

Outer DiameterΦ4.0 ~ Φ60 mm
Wall Thickness0.2 ~ 2.5 mm
Aluminum Alloy1050/1060/3003/3103/3A21/5049, 5086/6063, etc.

2. Specifications of Round Coil

Outer DiameterΦ4.0 ~ Φ15.88 mm
Wall Thickness0.22 ~ 1.5 mm
Aluminium Alloy1060/1070/1100/3003/6063
Round Aluminium Drawn Tube

The Order Process of Round Aluminum Drawn Tube

order process of aluminum products

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