Thermal insulation aluminum coil is a new type of high-grade exterior material integrating energy-saving decoration. It has been widely used in the construction field, and its functional advantages have been trusted by more and more customers. While do you know why it’s the best for you to choose? In this article, I will show you 5 reasons you had better choose aluminium as your insulation.

1050 Aluminium Coil

5 Reasons You’d Make Coil Suitable for Insulation

The test found that an aluminum coil was attached to the upper mold of the polyurethane foam. After foaming, the aluminum foil played the role of a mold release agent, and the other side was concerned with the foaming, which enhanced the wind resistance strength of the aluminum coil. It is enough to illustrate the two-layer thermal insulation of thermal insulation aluminum panels.

  • The thermal insulation aluminum coil is beautiful and durable

The thermal insulation aluminum coil can be closely linked with the decoration surface material, and it is not easy to fall or loosen, which enhances the wind pressure resistance of the decoration surface. The color of the decoration surface is diversified, and it can be processed into various plate shapes, which can well express the characteristics of building decoration.

  • Fire resistance and heat insulation

The thermal insulation aluminum coil will not melt when exposed to high temperature, but only form a porous charcoal with less smoke, strong resistance to ignition and flame extension; even if the thermal insulation aluminum plate encounters fire or is exposed to high temperature, because of its excellent thermal insulation function, only It is the rapid heating of the surface, the rapid production of coke and the anti-flame extension and the protection of the inner core from burning, showing an excellent fire isolation function.

  • Strong decorative

Rigid polyurethane with high thermal insulation properties is firmly bonded to the back of the profiled aluminium coil by infusion foam.

  • The coating has strong weather resistance

The surface of the aluminum coil is sprayed with fluorocarbon polymer resin containing KYNAR-500 up to 70%. The surface of the aluminum plate coated with this fluorocarbon has strong resistance to acid rain, corrosion and ultraviolet rays, and can ensure that the coating will not last for more than 20 years. Fading, not chalking, not falling off.

How to Avoid Damage During Aluminium Coil Transportation?

In order to avoid damage after the aluminum coil is purchased, it is very important to protect it during packaging and transportation. If it is not done properly, it will affect the use of customers. Therefore, the company must focus on the following points in the transportation process:

  • Pack Aluminum Coils Well
Aluminium Coil Package

First of all, we need to package the aluminum coils. The general packaging methods of thermal insulation aluminum coils are divided into two types, one is the whole roll packaging, and the other is the small roll packaging. When we divide the small rolls, we should pay attention to prevent the deformation of the small rolls, so the paper core can be lined in the packaging to prevent the aluminum rolls from being deformed or bent due to extrusion; and the aluminum rolls should be sealed with plastic sheets when packaging. , The seal is sealed with transparent tape to prevent the corrosion and discoloration of the aluminum coil caused by the entry of water vapor; the outer packaging is tightly packed with a thick paper shell. Good aluminum coils are placed on wooden pallets and reinforced with steel strips.

  • Loading and transportation protection
Aluminium Coil Transportation

When we pack it, it can be loaded and transported. The purpose of packing is to facilitate better protection during transportation. Similarly, when loading the car, do not let the aluminum coil be squeezed, especially the small coil, which is easy to Bending or sagging will affect normal use; although it has been tightly packaged, it is inevitable that the package will be damaged during loading and transportation, so pay attention not to water the aluminum coil to prevent water from entering the aluminum coil; do not place items on the aluminum coil, especially It is a small roll without a paper core, which is easily deformed and affects the construction and use.

Different Applications of Aluminium Coil

Countless people adopt aluminum coil and use it for a variety of applications. If you’re like many people, it can be difficult to understand the exact purpose of an aluminum coil. No need to worry, this article will show you a small selection of industries and practices that rely on aluminum coils to get the job done. So, if you want to know what the purpose of aluminum coil is, then read on.

  • Transportation

You might be surprised to learn that the construction of most vehicles is made of aluminum coils. Vehicles such as cars and automobiles are made from aluminum coils. This is because such vehicles require components that are lightweight, durable and less prone to rust, as they will be used every day. The parts of most transport vehicles that rely on aluminum coil manufacturing include engine components, air conditioners, radiators, wheels, doors, and more.

  • Architectural Decoration
Aluminium Coil for Architectural Decoration

Due to its corrosion resistance, strength and incredible processing and welding properties, the aluminum coil is often used in large quantities for architectural decoration. In addition to surface decoration, most construction projects rely on aluminum coils to help design structures, doors and windows, ceilings, curtain wall profiles, laminates, color-coated panels, and more.

  • Electronic Appliances
cable aluminum wire

Although this metal is not as conductive as copper, aluminum coils are commonly used in many electronic products. Aluminum is often used especially for wiring because its corrosion resistance ensures that the wires will last a long time. This is why objects such as power lines and air conditioners with electrical components can withstand these elements for long periods. This is why most electronics generally have a fairly long lifespan.

  • Food Industry
aluminium foil container

The main reason why food cans are made from aluminum coil is because of aluminum’s ductility, rust resistance and corrosion resistance. Due to their malleability, aluminum cans can be easily mass-produced. Thanks to its rust and corrosion resistance, aluminum keeps the food inside the can fresh for a long time. In addition to cans, aluminum coils also help in the production of caps, bottles and other packaging.

  • Some Others

Aluminum is a versatile metal. Because of this, aluminum coils are used for a variety of reasons. Although we have listed some applications above, aluminum coils are used in many more industries and practices. If you find that you need a metal type to help you produce or use an object or item, chances are you’ll benefit from buying an aluminum coil.

How to choose an aluminum coil supplier?

While reputable coil aluminum suppliers guarantee excellent performance from their products, depending on the application, some characteristics may be more important to you than others. In any event, the supplier can provide evidence that the material is rust and corrosion-resistant. The material will also have a high strength-to-weight ratio, meaning it has the tensile strength needed for the material to bend but not break.

  • Smooth Outfit

When working with suppliers that offer aluminum coils, make sure the material has a smooth finish and nice color. If you plan to buy a double-sided coil, be sure to check the other side. You should expect to see a neat glue line and no distortion.

  • Competitive Price

In addition to product quality and competitive prices, choose aluminum suppliers who provide excellent sales service and fast delivery. The goal is to build a long-term relationship with a company that gives you confidence in its ability to meet current and future needs. After all, you’ll have a lot of extra items. When these come up, you want to know that you can turn to the same supplier without worrying about the quality of the material you’re buying.

  • High Quality

Whatever the reason for needing high-quality aluminum coil, Offshore Direct Metals can help. As one of the most trusted aluminum coil manufacturers, we take great pride in the material we supply to our customers.

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