The condenser is an important component in the air-conditioning device refrigeration system, which directly affects the performance of the air conditioner. This represents: If it is necessary to enhance the performance of the air conditioner, it must improve the energy efficiency ratio of the air conditioner, reduce its energy consumption, improve the condenser structure, and strengthen its heat transfer performance. From improving the structure of the condenser, a more advantageous parallel flow condenser structure can be selected. Before making this option, we first understand some of the structural types of the air conditioner condenser and the advantage of choosing a parallel flow aluminium flat tube.

Three Structural Types of Air Conditioning Condensers

aluminum air conditioning condenser

1. Fin condenser: composed of copper tubes and aluminum fins. Affected by hot expansion, after a period of work, the internal stress between the tubes and the ribs will decrease, and the contact stress is lowered, causing the heat transfer efficiency to decrease, especially for automotive air conditioners. Due to the bumps and vibration of the car, its internal stress is more likely to fatigue under such conditions, causing microscopic slightly loose between the tubes and the ribs. Moreover, the holes on the ribs are also expanded due to different vibration frequencies between the tubes and the ribs, it will also have a decrease in heat exchange efficiency. Moreover, the holes on the rib will also have a decrease in heat exchange efficiency due to different vibration frequencies of the tube and the ribs, while also shortening service life.

2. Tube belt condenser: uses an elliptical flat tube, and the contact perimeter of the refrigerant is much larger than the tube. Therefore, the heat exchange in the tube has a large increase. The winding area of the flat tube is small, with favorable streaming, good gas dynamic performance. Therefore, at the same wind speed, the exothermic coefficient of the outer side of the tube is higher than the round tube, and the flow resistance is lower than the round tube. Further, the structure is compact, in the case of the same number of tubular clusters, the flat tube ribs are small so that the flat tube can significantly increase the heat exchange area when the same outer dimensions.

3. Parallel flow condenserUsing parallel flow aluminium flat tube. This condenser has a small pressure loss on the airside and the refrigerant side, high heat transfer coefficient, lightweight, compact structure and less refrigerant.

The condenser and evaporator of the current home air conditioner are typically a fin condenser, a tube belt condenser and a laminated three forms. Compared with new environmentally friendly refrigerants, they have a low-volume heat transfer performance, high wind resistance, large volume, and many consumables. There is also a problem that the lamination also has a small amount of heat dissipation area and low wind resistance and low heat transfer efficiency.

Difference between parallel flow aluminum flat tube and other tubes?

Parallel flow aluminum flat tube (“also known as aluminum alloy porous micro-channel tube) is a thin-walled porous binding tubular material. This product is mainly used in air conditioning systems that use new environmentally friendly refrigerants as pipe parts.

The aluminum micro-channel heat exchanger is a new type of high-efficiency heat exchanger to become one of the key points of research on air conditioning in domestic and international air conditioners. Currently, more and more world-renowned air-conditioning companies have begun to apply all-aluminum micro-channel heat exchangers in their products.

Compared with the traditional copper tube type exchanger, The aluminum microchannel heat exchangers have the following advantages at the same cooling efficiency:

  1. The energy efficiency of parallel aluminum flat tubes can increase by more than 30%;
  2. The volume can be reduced by more than 30%;
  3. The weight of the material can be reduced by about 50%;
  4. The amount of refrigerant can be reduced by more than 30%.

These advantages can make outstanding contributions to the construction of energy conservation and environment-friendly society in the air conditioning industry. The parallel flow aluminum flat tube is one of the most important parts materials suitable for new environmentally friendly air conditioning systems. This material is currently used around the world.

The technical difficulty in producing parallel aluminum tube

The difficulty of production technology of parallel aluminum flat tubes is mainly reflected in its requires large extrusion ratio, ultra-high dimensional accuracy, airtightness, high quality casting rod technology, and key surface spraying technologies. Specific information can be referred to this article: Key Technologies for Producing Parallel Flow Aluminum Flat Tube

In addition, the aluminum tube supplier produces the rigidity of the process and quality control of aluminum flat tubes also determine the effective performance of the aluminum flat tube. The  CHAL Aluminium Corporation’s production process is as follows:

Cut the aluminum profile extruder and the collections, according to the needs of the production line equipment, the aluminum rod, the aluminum rod heating furnace, the mold heating furnace, the arc spray zinc system, the cooling system, etc.

The process of aluminum tube extrusion production line is: aluminum rod saw → aluminum rod heating → mold heating → extrusion → spray zinc → product cooling → blow dry → meter counter→ finishing  → airtight test → Straightening → Fixed & cut → Package. (The practical process will be determined according to the specific needs of customers.)

Choose a suitable aluminium supplier

Parallel aluminum flat tubes are not only available to household air conditioners, but also to large commercial air conditioning products, but also for commercial freezing, and Engine heat recovery, medical equipment, drying equipment (washing machine) and other fields.

CHAL Aluminium Corporation is currently one of the largest heat exchange system parts suppliers in China. Product range: high-frequency aluminium welded pipe, precision stamping parts, thermal transmission aluminum profile, etc., widely used in auto heat exchange systems, air conditioning systems, construction and other industries.

If you have any questions and questions about Microchannel aluminum tubes and other aluminum products, welcome to contact us, our customer managers and engineers are very happy to serve you.

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