Aluminum Inner Grooved Tube (Internal Toothed Tube)

The aluminum inner grooved tube also called the internal toothed tube, is a lightweight and cost-reduction solution for air conditioning heat exchangers, representing an attractive alternative to copper tube. The inner grooves can be straight or helical. The height range of inner grooves varies from 0.05 to 0.3mm. The higher groove, the better the heat transfer performance. The aluminum inner grooved tube is widely used in heat exchangers for household and commercial air conditioning systems.

Straight & Helical Inner Grooved Tube

Aluminium Inner Grooved Tube

Straight Inner-grooved Tube

Compared with traditional smooth bore tubes, aluminum straight inner-grooved tubes have better heat transfer performance, with higher efficiency and more internal grooves. Different grooves’ depths and geometry satisfy the specific regional requirements and refrigerants in use. Additional zinc coating layers are available for increased corrosion resistance. This internally enhanced aluminum tube is mainly used for high-fin-density condensers and evaporators.

Helical Inner-grooved Tube

The inner grooves with helical teeth have been optimized to improve heat transfer. The improvement in the heat transfer coefficient of the tube is two times what can be achieved with traditional smooth bore tubes. The helical inner-grooved tubes greatly increase efficiency, which achieves a more compact design of the heat exchangers and gets a reduction in refrigerant load.

Key Features of Aluminum Inner Grooved Tube

  1. High heat transfer efficiency
  2. Easy to form and bend
  3. Low cost and weight
  4. Space-saving

The Specifications of Aluminum Inner Grooved Tube

SpecificationsOD:Bottom Wall Thickness (mm)Groove Height (mm)Tooth NumberHelix angle (degree)Groove top angle (degree)Weight per meter
Φ5.0 ~ Φ15.88 mm0.35-10.05-0.320-700 ~ 25 30 ~ 135  
Aluminium Alloy:1060, 3003, 3103, AA3003H, etc.

Why Choose Aluminum Inner Grooved Tube With Zinc Coating?

Heat exchangers work in harsh environments. Our experts strongly recommend the aluminium tube with the addition of a zinc coating. This clad layer provides the tubes with 150% increased corrosion protection and a prolonged lifetime compared to that equivalent bare tube.

This zinc coating is available for smooth bore tubes and straight inner grooved tubes.

CHAL Order Process of the Aluminum Inner Grooved Tube

Order process of aluminum products

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