When it comes to aluminium circle wheels, I believe that the most intuitive impression of many people is lightness and beauty. In fact, in addition to being light, the advantage of aluminum circle wheels for heat dissipation is often overlooked. In fact, it is not the case. Advantages, safety and tire braking cost reduction, this is the biggest advantage of aluminum alloy wheels.

aluminum alloy wheels

In fact, when aluminum alloy wheel manufacturers promote the advantages of aluminum rims, the most important things they mention are “lightness” and “good heat dissipation“. “Lightness” is the most intuitive in terms of weight. The biggest advantage “lightweight” is mentioned the most, but the advantage of “good heat dissipation” is ignored.

Aluminium Wheel V.S Steel Wheel

ItemsSteel WheelAluminium Wheel
Oil ConsumingHigherLower
WeightHeavyMedium weight

Let’s List Why Aluminium Is Better Than Steel In Auto Wheel

  • Light Weight

The weight of the forged aluminum wheel is only half the weight of the iron wheel.

  • Efficient Fuel Saving

After installing the forged aluminum wheel, due to the reduction of the weight of the whole vehicle, the rotational inertia of the wheel is reduced, the acceleration performance of the car is improved, and the demand for braking energy is correspondingly reduced, thereby reducing the fuel consumption, coupled with the unique air of the forged aluminum wheel. Flow and rolling resistance, so the 100-kilometer test saving rate is at least 2 liters of oil per 100 kilometers (the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers after replacing the forged aluminum wheel and using the air conditioner is higher than the fuel consumption test without replacing the forged aluminum wheel and turning on the air conditioner. The latter has a lower fuel consumption of 2.5 liters).

  • 3 Times of Heat Dissipation Than Steel Wheel

The thermal conductivity of aluminum is 167W/m.K, and the thermal conductivity of steel is 50W/m.K. W is heat; M is material thickness; K is temperature. The thermal conductivity is defined as: per unit length, per K, how much energy can be transferred in W. The larger the value, the better the thermal conductivity. We can see that the thermal conductivity of aluminum is 3 times that of steel, indicating that the thermal conductivity of aluminum is 3 times that of steel.

  • Avoid Tire Blowout Efficiently With High Heat Dissipation

In high temperature weather in summer, driving for a long time or frequent braking, if the heat dissipation effect of the wheels is not good, the temperature of the wheels will rise. Turning, or bad road conditions, tires can easily lead to flat tires. The aluminum wheel with good heat dissipation can effectively reduce the probability of tire blowout.

  • Ensure Wheel Braking Efficiency

Those who have some driving experience know that long-term braking can lead to a terrible situation of brake failure caused by “thermal decay” of the wheels. The good heat dissipation performance of the aluminum wheel is equivalent to adding two heat dissipation elements to each side of the brake drum, which can quickly cool down the brake drum, and avoid the overheating of the brake drum caused by long-term braking and avoid brake failure.

  • Protect Tires and Brake Pads

Excessive temperature not only affects vehicle safety, but also reduces the service life of vehicle tires and brake pads. The good heat dissipation performance of aluminum rims has a better protection effect on materials and tires that are not resistant to high temperatures in the braking system, thereby greatly reducing tire wear. , Extend the tire mileage and reduce the maintenance cost of the brake system.


The production cost is different, the production cost of the steel wheel is low, the process is relatively simple, and the difficulty of repair after deformation is small: the processing of the aluminum alloy wheel is slightly complicated, and it is easily broken after being impacted and difficult to repair.

The weight is different, the aluminum wheel has good rigidity and light weight. Compared to aluminum wheels, steel wheels are much heavier.

The hardness is different, and the high density of the steel wheel results in the mass, which causes the tire dynamic balance to increase in the amount of vibration when the car is at high speed. The heavy mass leads to a large driving resistance wheel during the cold start process, which increases the fuel consumption at the start. Aluminum alloy wheel: high hardness, lighter quality than steel wheel, the tire dynamic balance jitter is smaller than that of steel wheel when the car is running at high speed, and the fuel consumption is also smaller than that of steel wheel.

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