Punching Aluminum Sheet

Punching aluminum veneer, according to the need, there are round holes, square holes, long round holes, rectangular holes, triangular holes, three small combination holes, etc. The hole diameter, hole distance, etc. can be done according to drawing requirements.

It is often used as sound-absorbing panels in conference rooms,hollowed-out decorations on exterior walls, etc.

It can also be added on the back of the perforated board. A layer of sound-absorbing tissue or black flame-retardant cotton cloth can achieve a certain sound-absorbing effect.

Applications of Punching Aluminum Sheet

There are also various aluminum square ducts, aluminum grilles,hook-up panels, etc. used in various public airports, high-speed rail, subway, and other roof ceilings, which are beautiful and practical.

The surface of the board is flat. The edges and lines are clear. And the ceiling system reflects the appearance effect of neatness, generosity, wealth and elegance, and a wide field of vision. The hooked aluminum buckle panels have the advantages of flame retardant,anti-corrosion, and moisture-proof, and are easy to assemble and disassemble. Each panel can be disassembled independently, which is convenient for construction and maintenance. If the replace and cleaning ceiling panel is needed, the panel can be quickly removed with a magnetic suction cup or a special panel remover.

The Order Process of Punching Aluminum Sheet

order process of aluminum products

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