Imitation Wood Roller Coated Aluminum Coil

Wood grain aluminum plate is by spraying and heat transfer or roll coating process, on the surface of the aluminum plate coated with wood grain decorative coating. The wood grain on the surface has clear and clear fiber fine grain or rough simulated wood grain texture, with rich color and natural characteristics.

Imitation wood grain aluminum veneer pattern high-grade gorgeous, color texture lifelike, natural ecological style, solid wear-resistant pattern, classic elegant, natural style has become a representative product of noble fashion. No formaldehyde, non-toxic, no harmful gas release, so you do not have to worry about the odor and physical harm caused by paint and glue after decoration.

In recent years, wood grain aluminum plates are now widely used in the market. Especially in airports, subway stations, shopping malls. It’s one of the most popular decoration materials in open places. It has a variety of colors, giving people a sense of beauty, with an open vision, ventilation, bright and neat lines, and distinct layers, the modern effect is better and gives people a sense of primitive ecology.

The Order Process of High Durable Color Coated Aluminum Coil

order process of aluminum products

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