Aluminum Jacketing and Cladding(PSMB)

Aluminum coll with polysurlyn moisture barrier has superior adhesion. Through hot pressing, the polysurlyn film can be composited with aluminum.
Sarin film adhesive weather resistance and extreme temperatures can still maintain excellent adhesion and is easy to process, Sarin fim polymer adhesive film in the production of no volatile matter, no odor, and high efficiency.
Aluminum jacketing has a multi-layer structure, excellent metal adhesion, good air tightness, and anti-corrosion properties. It’s the ideal material to protect pipelines from corrosion and damage.

We can composite the film with other substrates by roller or laminated hot pressing. Our company introduces the imported raw materials, ensures the quality products, superior and stable performance.

Applications of Aluminum Jacketing and Cladding

Aluminum jacketing can be composited in various materials or industries such as aluminum metal, iron, steel, home appliances and electronics, building decoration, heat insulation, bags, shoes, automotive interiors, furniture, etc.

The Order Process of Aluminum Jacketing and Cladding

order process of aluminum products

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