PE Color Coated Aluminum Coil

CHAL Coating system is suitable for exterior applications in high-end buildings, including metal exterior panels, curtain wall panels etc. It’s designed for architectural use which guarantees 10 years under normal conditions in Asia.

The general weather-ability series standard product system under CHAL coating production process is specially designed for building use, working for various specifications coated aluminum production.

CHAL coating system can also be combined with special coating technologies, such as anti-static, antibacterial, metal appearance, printing paints and so on. It gives aluminum magnesium manganese sheet more special function and appearance.

CHAL coating system is usually divided into two coating systems, including top coating and primer coating. Top coating is PE paints made from AkzoNobel’s proprietary pesin and suitable weather resistance organic and inorganic pigments. Primer coating is AkzoNobel matching PE primer paints.

The Order Process of PE Color Coated Aluminum Coil

order process of aluminum products

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