PVDF Color Coated Aluminum Coil

  • Front coating thickness requirements: primer 5 microns, top paint 20-22 microns.
  • Back coating thickness recommended: primer 5 microns, top paint 5 microns.
  • Color: Color can be customized and matched according to user requirements. Part of the colors need to be replaced similarly due to weather resistance demand.
  • Gloss: Standard  25+1-5.

Performance Parameters of PVDF Color Coated Aluminum Coil

  • Grid adhesion: No paints off.
  • T bend: 1T bending, no paints off.
  • Reverse impact: 9J paints, no paints off.
  • Pencil hardness: ≥HB (Zhonghua brand 505 roller steel coating hardness test pencil)
  • Organic Solvent resistance: Butanone MEK wipes 100 times, no paints breakage.
  • Scratch resistance: Probe scratch meter test weight 1000 grams, no paints breakage.
  • Humidity and heat resistance: Non-condensing humidity and heat test chamber is placed for 1000 hours, no bubbles, cracks, breakage, color  & gloss & hardness variety.
  • Acid and alkali resistance: 5%hydrochloric acid soaking for 24 hours, no significant changes in appearance. After soaking in 5% sodium oxyoxide for 24 hours, there was no obvious change in appearance.
  • Boiling water resistance: 100° bolling water bath for 2 hours, no loss of light, discoloration, cracking, foaming, falling off and other phenomena.
  • Neutral salt spray test: 1000 hours, foaming grade <2S3, no other obvious defects.
  • UV lamp accelerated aging test: OUVA-340  UV lamp test chamber 2000 hours of light, powder ≤1 level, no bubbling, cracking, and other defects. (lf assessed according to ASTM D4214 method, pulverization is not less than grade 8)

The Order Process of PVDF Color Coated Aluminum Coil

order process of aluminum products

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