Curtain Wall Aluminum Veneer

The curtain wall aluminum panel has a unique texture, and rich and long-lasting color, which can be arbitrarily selected according to the design and the requirements of the owner. That truly broadens the design space of architects. Moreover, the aluminum alloy veneer is easy to process into arcs, multiple folded edges, or acute angles, and its appearance and shape can be diversified, which can meet the needs of today’s ever-changing exterior wall decoration, and can be perfectly combined with glass curtain wall materials.

At present, the construction industry has become a consumption hotspot and an important economic growth point in China, and domestic demand will grow steadily. Driven by urban transformation and new city construction, the total market volume of aluminum curtain walls will continue to grow in general.

The curtain wall aluminum veneer has a very lightweight material and excellent practical performance, and its own potential is also very large. With the increasingly serious energy crisis situation, the country attaches great importance to the sustainable use of energy and environmental protection and is gradually strengthening the promotion of building energy conservation. There may be major changes in the structure of wall products, and energy conservation and environmental protection will be the main development trend of aluminum curtain walls.

The Order Process of Curtain Wall Aluminum Veneer

order process of aluminum products

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