Antique Aluminum Tile Series

  • Antique Aluminum tile inherits the essence of ancient architectural culture, it takes special alloy aluminum and copper as the main raw materials and uses modern advanced design concepts and technologies.
  • It is refined by sheet metal, punching, molding, surface treatment layer PVDF roller &power painting, and other processes refined.
  • It includes various aluminum and cooper metal bracket sets, animal, treasure roofs, painted ceilings, architrave rafters,s and other series of antique components, on the basis of maintaining the style of ancient building components, highlighting our advantages of fabricating accuracy, efficiency, and quality.
  • It solved the traditional materials that were damaged by worms, not fireproof, easy to crack, deformation long processing, and high maintenance costs. It is the most ideal material for ancient building maintenance and antique building decoration.

Applications of Antique Aluminum Tile

Aluminum plate with aluminum magnesium and manganese alloy as the base material, after rolling molding, produces antique tile shape with strong three-dimensional sense, rich color, corrosion resistance, and service life of 50 years.

  • Ancient building roofing
  • national landscape upgrading
  • antique street renovation
  • temple scenic area renovation

Characteristics of Antique Aluminum Tile

  • Excellent weather resistance;
  • Outstanding waterproof performance;
  • Wind resistance, earthquake resistance;
  • 90-degree building facade decoration safety and reliability;
  • Rich color, novel personality, durable and stable;
  • Fire performance is good.

Advantages of Antique Aluminum Tile

  1. 100% fireproof, easy to pass environmental protection verification and fire prevention regulations;
  2. Acid resistance, high alkaline energy, can withstand the harsh environment of wind and sun;
  3. The good windproof effect, free from the threat and destruction of insects, birds, and fungi;
  4. Strong adhesion, high toughness, strong impact resistance, smooth coating, strong pollution resistance, easy to clean;
  5. Has excellent weather resistance and UV resistance;
  6. Beautiful and elegant colors, light, rich colors, can be matched into a variety of thatch colors, the longer the use of the color more realistic;
  7. Environmental protection, recyclable processing.
  8. The roof screw welding installation, unlike the traditional tile long time long grass corrosion; Freezing cracks in winter, and exposure to sunlight in summer are easy to fall off, especially posing a safety threat to pedestrians.
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The Order Process of Aluminum Jacketing and Cladding

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