Aluminum alloy wire is a new type of material, which contains some other alloy elements, such as copper, iron, magnesium, silicon, zinc, boron, etc. So this new type of material, aluminum alloy electrical wire, has good mechanical property and electrical property that leads to being widely used in various fields of the national economy.

aluminum alloy wire

Here are 5 advantages of aluminum alloy wire that make it widely used in various fields as follows:

1. Strong creep resistance

The alloy material and annealing process reduces the “creep” tendency of aluminum alloy conductor electrical wire under heat and pressure and improves the creep resistance by 300% compared with pure aluminum, avoiding the relaxation problem caused by cold flow and creep as well. In addition, aluminum conductor wire is 33% higher flexibility than copper, 40% lower elasticity, more safe and reliable, due to the addition of special ingredients and special processing technology. It also guarantees a stable connection even if overloaded and overheated for a long time.

2. Strong self-weight-bearing capacity

Aluminum alloys improve the tensile strength of pure aluminum. The weight-bearing capacity of aluminum alloy wire is usually specified in terms of the maximum load that it can support before breaking or deforming.

In general, aluminum alloy wire has a lower tensile strength than copper wire, which means that it can support less weight for a given diameter. However, aluminum alloy wire can still support significant weight and is often used in applications such as power transmission and distribution, where it must support the weight of transmission lines. This advantage is particularly evident in the wiring of long-span buildings. Aluminum alloy cables can support a length of 4,000 meters of deadweight, while copper cables can only support 2,750 meters.

Aluminum alloy armored cables

3. Strong corrosion resistance

The corrosion resistance of aluminum is from its surface oxide layer that oxidized by contact with air. This oxide layer is particularly resistant to various forms of corrosion. And the additional rare earth elements in the aluminum alloy can further improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloys, especially electrochemical corrosion. Aluminum’s ability to withstand harsh environments makes it widely used as a conductor for cables in pallets, as well as many industrial components and holders.

4. With armoring characteristics

Aluminum alloy cables use armored structures so could withstand the powerful destructive power of the outside. Even if it suffers from greater pressure and impact force, it is difficult to be broken down. At the same time, an armored structure makes the cable isolated from the outside world so it can help prevent damage from moisture, chemicals, and physical impact. Even in the case of fire, an armored layer improves the fire retardant level of the cable, reduces the risk factor of fire, and improves safety performance. Compared with steel tape armored structure, aluminum alloy tape armored structure is light in weight, convenient in laying, free from bridge installation, and can reduce the installation cost by 20%~40%.

Compacted aluminum alloy wire

5. With compaction characteristics

Increased conductivity: When an aluminum alloy wire is compacted, its strands are forced closer together, which can increase the wire’s conductivity by reducing the resistance between strands.

Improved strength: Compacted aluminum alloy wire is stronger than uncompressed wire because the strands are tightly packed and less likely to move independently of one another.

Reduced weight: Compacted aluminum alloy wire is denser than uncompressed wire, which means that less material is required to achieve the same electrical conductivity. This can result in a lighter-weight wire, which can be beneficial in applications where weight is a concern.

Reduced diameter: Compacting aluminum alloy wire can reduce its overall diameter, which can be useful in applications where space is limited.

Improved flexibility: Compacting aluminum alloy wire can improve its flexibility, making it easier to bend and shape for use in a variety of applications.

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