According to statistics, among the 124 existing industries in China, 113 are related to aluminum profile. “Replace steel with aluminum, save wood with aluminum, save copper with aluminum, and replace plastic with aluminum”, which has gained extensive social consensus.

It can be said that in the whole life cycle of aluminum profile, which is widely used in industry and life due to its abundant reserves and excellent performance, ranging from aerospace, and transportation, to household appliances, pots, and pans. The basin has brought huge social and environmental benefits to many industries, and has been more and more widely recognized.

However, in some emerging application fields, we may need to continue to increase investment in scientific research, change our thinking, improve consumption levels, and cooperate with mature technologies and the guidance and support of relevant policies to achieve gradual promotion and development. These include, but are not limited to, the following traditional consumption fields with great application potential and emerging product application fields with significant social benefits that need to be promoted urgently.

Aluminum alloys profile have been widely used in the field of construction engineering and have been introduced in previous articles. This paper introduces new fields of application of aluminum products.

Aluminum alloy convertible coal truck

Other structures of the aluminum alloy convertible coal car body, such as the bottom frame, side doors, etc., can be applied to aluminum. At present, 70% of my country’s railway freight capacity is used for coal transportation. According to earlier data, the aluminization rate of my country’s coal and ore transportation rail vehicles is less than 0.5%, which is far behind the 28.5% in the United States.

Car high-precision aluminum alloy sheet

Whether it is a commercial vehicle or a passenger car, the body is the most massive component of a car. Among them, the car body accounts for about 30% of the vehicle mass. If the four doors, two covers, and fenders of the car are all made of aluminum plates, the weight can be reduced by about 70 kilograms. Given that my country is the world’s largest automobile producer, with the breakthrough of domestic production technology and technology and the successful commissioning of projects, its application will grow rapidly, and aluminum consumption has great potential.

Aluminum alloy tray

The battery aluminum tray is mainly made of 6 series aluminum profiles. Its good plasticity and excellent corrosion resistance, especially no stress corrosion cracking tendency, and good welding performance make 6 series aluminum profiles very suitable for this project application. To ensure product quality, it is necessary to adopt advanced welding technologies such as friction stir welding to ensure integral molding of products. Aluminum alloy pallets can be used in refrigerated storage, storage of three-dimensional warehouses, the pharmaceutical industry, logistics and transportation, food storage, moisture-proof goods, and other fields.

According to relevant information, a mature tree can only produce 6 standard pallets at most. Therefore, vigorously promoting the application of aluminum pallets is also of great significance to protect the ecological environment and save natural resources.

Aluminum alloy flood control wall

The aluminum alloy flood control wall is made of aluminum alloy with a thickness of 15cm and a mouth-shaped aluminum beam with a length of 2m. This kind of flood control baffle can generally be used for 50-100 years, or even longer. This prefabricated flood control wall can be used on dams or river embankments built on concrete structure foundations, and it is easy to install and disassemble. Calculated at 40 kilograms per meter of aluminum alloy flood control wall, the amount of aluminum used in a flood control wall with a length of 1 km and a height of 2 meters is about 400 tons. Although it is not yet popular, it is worth promoting, and it has significant social benefits in infrastructure construction.

Aluminum alloy flood control wall

Aluminum alloy building formwork

As a new type of building formwork, aluminum alloy formwork is used for the concrete pouring of buildings. Compared with other traditional building formwork such as wood formwork, steel formwork, plastic formwork, etc., the advantages of aluminum alloy formwork are more repeated use; low average cost of use; short construction period; safe and tidy on-site construction environment; light weight and convenient construction; Low carbon emission reduction, saving the use of wood, etc.

Aluminum alloy building formwork

Aluminum air battery

Aluminum-air batteries have a high energy density, can achieve zero emissions, and no pollution, and are easy to recycle during use. They can be used as power batteries, signal batteries, etc., and have broad application prospects.

Aluminum alloy cable

Aluminum alloy cable

Wire and cable products include power cables, electrical equipment cables, winding wires, communication cables, overhead bare wires, etc. At present, all overhead bare wires in my country use aluminum and aluminum alloys; electrical equipment cables rarely use aluminum and aluminum alloys; the development trend of communication cables is to use optical fibers as transmission conductors; some small electronic transformers in winding wires use aluminum alloys as conductors.

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