Aluminium Coil

Aluminium coil is a rolled product, produced in a coiled form of a continuous strip, and having an inner diameter and outer diameter. ID from50mm to 1000mm. Aluminium alloy grade including 1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx, 8xxx. But the most common being 1050, 3003, 6061 and 5251 aluminium coil. Thickness from 0.045-80mm, width from 60-2650mm. Common widths of aluminium coil is 800mm,1000mm, 1250mm,1450mm and 1500mm.


Size in mm

Theoretical mass (kg/running m)

1000 × 0.5


1250 × 0.5


1000 × 0.7


1250 × 0.7


1000 × 0.9


1250 × 0.9


1000 × 1.2


1250 × 1.2




Multiple industries rely on aluminium coils for a variety of applications, such as automotive, construction, heat transfer, pharmaceutical, electrical, and food industry. Compared to other materials, aluminium is a far superior material in many instances. Aluminium coil can be supplied standard mill finish, or it can be brushed, checkered, colour coated, satin-finished and anodized. Aluminium sheet or aluminium foil can be cut into coils as per client's requirements.


CHAL Aluminium Corporation is a fully integrated aluminium company that provides all kinds of aluminium products and technical solutions. We are committed to being the leading supplier of aluminium plate, cast tooling aluminium plate, aluminium sheet (clad or bare), aluminium foil (clad or bare), aluminium strip (slit coil), aluminium circle, aluminium coil. As for CHAL aluminium coil, we supply aluminium sheet coil and aluminium foil coil in a wide variety of alloy and thickness.



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