Aluminum Inward Tilt Window

Aluminum Inward Turn Swing And Tilt Window

The outstanding ventilation function keeps your room always fresh. This swing and tilt window can swing open and lean inward to a certain degree, thus enabling the air in and out of the room to exchange but meanwhile preventing gusts. All operations can be done just by turning the handle. As one of the best aluminum window manufacturers & suppliers in China, CHAL will provide superior quality customized aluminum inward turn swing and tilt windows, competitive prices, and fast delivery promised.

Product Description of The Aluminum Inward Turn Swing And Tilt Window

Aluminum inward-turn swing and tilt windows are popular on the continent as they allow ventilation in tilt mode, without actually opening the window. With aluminum profiles, the widow has a good look with great thermal values that do not compromise the aesthetics of your architectural design. Built-in blinds are optional. The window is used in all types of buildings including schools, apartment buildings, one-off houses, hospitals, and more.

Aluminum Inward Tilt Window

Specifications of the Aluminum Inward Turn Swing and Tilt Window

  • Material: aluminum profile for 6063 T5.
  • Finish: wood grain and powder coating.
  • Glass: as per your requirement. Tampered glass, single clean glass, hollow glass, laminated glass, depolished glass, and so on.
  • Color: Customized.
  • Size: Customized.
  • Accessories: superior quality hardware from home and abroad.
  • Your special requirement is available.
Aluminum Inward Turn Swing

Order Process of the Aluminum Inward Turn Swing and Tilt Window

order process of aluminium products

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