Hyperbolic Aluminum Veneer

Hyperbolic aluminum veneer is a category in the classification of aluminum veneer. Hyperbolic means that two different arcs overlap on the same surface, that is, starting from a different center of the circle, draw an arc with two radii.

Planar,concave-convex, wavy, arc, curved, strip, polygonal, irregular, suspended, well, and glass-clad.The characteristic of the shaped aluminum plate is that it can be adapted to create the required style according to the user’s design plan. In addition to being used as building materials, some users can also customize it into handicrafts, utensils, decorations, etc.

The sheet metal processing of the hyperbolic plate, according to the design of the drawing, processes the appearance and size of the double-curved aluminum veneer in the “general direction”.The veneer is processed into the shape and size required for construction. This part of the process determines important parameters such as the radian and appearance of the aluminum veneer. With a strong three-dimensional sense, lifelike images can be processed into various geometric shapes, like arcs, curved surfaces, etc.

The Order Process of Hyperbolic Aluminum Veneer

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