The hollow aluminum bar  (hollow aluminum strip) is widely used on many occasions. To help you know aluminum hollow bars quickly and get aluminum hollow bars correctly, this article will introduce you to what is a hollow aluminum bar and how to buy a hollow aluminum bar.

What is the hollow aluminum bar?

The hollow aluminum bar (hollow aluminum strip) is a glass product in which aluminum strips support two or more pieces of glass, evenly spaced, bonded, and sealed around so that a dry gas space is formed between the glass layers. The hollow glass aluminum bar is a new type of building material that is excellent in heat insulation. Sound insulation is beautiful and applicable and can reduce the weight of buildings.

hollow aluminum bar

The Hollow aluminum bar is commonly used anti-corrosion reinforcement equipment in daily life. Due to the special technical treatment, the hollow aluminum strip can maintain its properties and performance for a long time after it is put into use. Generally speaking, the hollow aluminum bar can be customized to various specifications according to customer needs. To make it have a long enough service life, different maintenance treatments will be carried out for different types, such as making a protective film on the surface of the product.

How to buy a hollow aluminum bar? Here are 6 tips:

1. Look at the appearance of the aluminum hollow bar. The surface gloss is good and there is no obvious oil stain. If there is too much oil, the butyl rubber will be difficult to beat, which will affect the quality and production of the insulating glass. The air tightness will be greatly reduced, and the service life of the insulating glass will be shortened. Generally, if you find too much oil stain when cutting the strip, you must wipe it with alcohol until the oil stain is completely removed, or you can use white wine.

2. It depends on the thickness of the hollow aluminum bar, which is what you call the wall thickness. The easiest way to do this is to remove the packaging and weigh the aluminum hollow bar. Because there are standards for each specification of hollow aluminum bars, each wall thickness, and the products produced per kilogram.

3. Pay attention to the purchase of accessories used in hollow aluminum bars, such as the purchase of molecular sieves (desiccant). The simplest detection method is to put some molecular sieves in the palm of your hand and pour a little water on them to feel the temperature of the molecular sieves. The faster and higher the temperature rises, the better. This proves that the moisture absorption effect of this molecular sieve is still good.

4. You should choose an aluminum strip manufacturer with a production workshop, and the quality of aluminum strips made by regular factories is good enough.

5. You should ask the manufacturer if they support the trial. A component required for the creation of insulating glass is a hollow aluminum strip. Its quality is directly related to the use effect, service life, and heat insulation function of insulating glass.

6. You should see if the manufacturer has after-sales service. If you have a problem, you can get help from the manufacturer. So you have to see if the manufacturer has an after-sales guarantee, such as refund, replacement, damage compensation, etc. 

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