Hollow aluminum strips are made of high-purity aluminum as raw materials. After dozens of processes, the surface is smooth, non-oxidized, non-corroded, and does not have any impact on molecular sieves, effectively eliminating the phenomenon of atomization. , it is a new type of environmentally friendly building material. Its main function is to evenly separate two sides or multiple pieces of glass in the insulating glass and effectively support it. Pure aluminum ingots should be used as raw materials, and the surface should be treated to prevent oxidation and corrosion. It has excellent compatibility with other materials used in insulating glass. The wall thickness of his products is generally 0.25-0.4%. The limit deviation of peripheral wall thickness is ±0.025, and the product is not allowed to have any hard bends and side bends (except for free sag bending arcs).

This article is going to show you some improvements to the aluminum strip we are doing.

What Are the Features of Common Hollow Aluminum Strips?

On the market, the color of general hollow aluminum strips is the mostly primary color. This type of aluminum strip has a fatal defect, that is, in areas with more coastal water, the primary color aluminum strip is easily oxidized, and it is easy to be corroded after a long time, thus affecting the doors and windows. Water tightness. With the improvement of the quality requirements of doors and windows in the industry, there are new requirements in the color matching of hollow aluminum strips and the performance of aluminum strips. Before that, CHAL Natural Color Doors and Windows have taken the lead in upgrading the production process from primary color to fluorine. Carbon black, fluorocarbon ash.

Hollow Aluminum Strips

Improvement of Upgraded Aluminum Strip

The upgraded aluminum strip adopts the fourth-generation corner sealing process, which makes the corners more airtight and has better performance. Desiccant is added inside the aluminum strip to effectively eliminate water vapor in the air and improve the watertight and airtight performance of doors and windows.

The well-known hollow aluminum strip has no effect on the desiccant and can effectively eliminate the fogging of the insulating glass. It is one of the necessary materials for the production of insulating glass. The reason why it can effectively remove fog is that the holes on the aluminum strip and the desiccant in the aluminum strip are working. The desiccant is loaded into the aluminum strip. The function of the small holes on the surface of the aluminum strip is to absorb the mist in the glass through the desiccant. The holes should be transparent, but not too large. If it is too large, it will leak molecular sieve and dust; If it is too small, the water vapor in the glass will not be absorbed in place, so the drilling process needs to be very careful.

Aluminum Strips

What Else Improvements Can Be Done?

In addition to upgrading the surface color, we also upgraded the traditional glass marking to aluminum strip marking. The glass is exposed, and the marking is easy to be imitated. However, the hollow aluminum strip marking can improve the overall texture of the product, and at the same time let the glass be exposed. Unscrupulous merchants who want to counterfeit brands have no chance. Distributors and consumers buy CHAL natural color door and window products in the market and need to recognize the CHAL natural color door and window logo on the hollow aluminum strip to be regarded as genuine products from the company. While protecting the genuine doors and windows, it can also improve the brand recognition of the dealers and consumers for the quality doors and windows of CHAL.


The improvement of every detail performance is our unremitting pursuit of the spirit of craftsmanship. CHAL’s natural color doors and windows focus on details, constantly accumulating their brand heritage and strength, and continue bringing better products to consumers. If you have any questions about aluminum products, you can consult with us, we can solve your problems.

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