Extruded Aluminium Tube

Extruded Aluminium Tube/Pipe

  1. CHAL Aluminium Corporation provides various extruded aluminium tubes. Both seamless tubes and structural tubes are manufactured with high precision and extremely low tolerance to meet the customer’s specific requirements. 
  2. Standard inventory sizes and customized specifications are available on inquiry.

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Extruded Aluminium Tube/Pipe Introduction

Extruded Aluminium Tube/Pipe is formed by hot extrusion. Extrusion is defined as the process of shaping material, by forcing heated aluminium billet to extrude through a shaped opening in a die, combining the differences in die and processing. Extruded tube is available as a seamless or structural grade product.

Seamless tube is extruded over a mandrel utilizing a hollow billet and is the only tubular product recommended for pressure applications. 
● The structural tube is extruded over a bridge or porthole die and will contain weld seams that are evident if anodized.


Extruded Aluminium Tube/Pipe, as a widely used aluminium profile type, aluminium tubes are available in square, rectangular, and round shapes in a range of sizes based on the outside dimensions. For customers, the tube's strength is a very important factor to consider, which determined by selected aluminium alloy, the thickness of the walls, and the size of the tube.


Extruded Aluminium Tube


The Specification of Extruded Aluminium Tube/Pipe (Structural)

Aluminium tubes are available in square, rectangular and round shapes in a range of sizes based on the outside dimensions.


1. Extruded aluminium round tube

Size Range OD(mm)

Wall Thickness (mm)





2. Extruded aluminium square tube

Size Range OD(mm)

Wall Thickness(mm)





3. Extruded aluminium rectangular tube

Size Range OD(mm)

Wall Thickness(mm)









4. Extruded aluminium flat tube

There are two kinds of extruded aluminium flat tube. One is a hollow flat tube with a single port, another is extruded aluminum multi-port flat tube (know more about aluminium multi-port flat tube).


Size Range of extruded aluminium flat tube (mm)


D ±0.05

T (wall thickness)

L (length)








Options of Aluminium Alloy  

Aluminium Series

Alloy Grade

CHAL Usage Ratio





Pure aluminium, Main component





Copper-Aluminium Alloy




Manganese-Aluminium Alloy




Silicon-Aluminium Alloy




Magnesium-Aluminium Alloy




Magnesium Silicon-Aluminium Alloy




Zinc-Aluminium Alloy




Customized alloy


Options of Aluminium Temper  




Full soft (annealed)


As fabricated


Solution heat treated and naturally aged


Cooled from hot working and artificially aged (at elevated temperature)


Solution heat treated and artificially aged


Strain hardened


Customized Solutions of Extruded Aluminium Tube

1. Surface treatment: Anodizing, Zinc coating, the Flux coating

2. Machining service: CNC bending


Extruded Aluminium Tube


Extruded Aluminium VS. Drawn Aluminium

Aluminium is an extremely versatile material. There are many different ways to shape aluminium. Drawn and extruded aluminium are the two main types of aluminium production.

The main difference between extruded aluminium and drawn aluminium is the way the mould forms the aluminium.


Extruded Aluminium  

Extruded aluminium is made by heating the aluminium and forcing it through a mould. The shape of the mould determines the appearance of the final product. For example, an "I" mould can make aluminium I-beams. After the product is moulded, it is cooled and then stretched to eliminate any distortion during cooling. As it hardens, the aluminium becomes stronger. The hardening process can be done at room temperature, but because this can be time-consuming, most manufacturers use heating Chambers to quickly temper aluminium.


There are two kinds of structural tubes manufactured by the extrusion process. In the first method, the aluminium tube is split and then resealed using high temperature, high pressure, and metallurgical welds. The resulting seams in this process are sometimes visible to the naked eye. In the second process, the tubes are produced by pushing the hollow blank through the mould, which has no seams.


Drawn Aluminium  

The aluminium is drawn into the mould and undergoes plastic deformation. Determining the flexibility or plasticity of aluminium is a key part of this process because aluminium cannot be stretched to the point where it becomes brittle or torn.


Our high-precision drawn aluminium tubes are widely used for heat exchanger, including aluminium round tube, internal thread tube, seamless collector tube, old drawn aluminium tube, seamless drawn aluminium tube, capillary tube, peanut tube, etc. It is the key material for terminal products, such as home and commercial air conditioning evaporator and condenser, automobile air conditioning evaporator, radiator condenser, water tank, etc.


Marketing - Overseas

Almost 20% of products are exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, America, etc, more than thirteen countries and regions.



Our Customers


Research and Development 

CHAL Aluminium corporation focuses on research and development, we work with a famous academic institution and industrial association. Our researchers and academic partners take part in business development and the technical development of the products and processes. We work to move boundaries of how aluminium is used. We develop design solutions that benefit from the properties of aluminium both technically and economically. CHAL Aluminium Group has 5 R/D centers across the nation.


● High-Performance Aluminium Alloy R/D Center(CHONGQING)

● High-Performance Aluminium Sheet and Foil R/D Center(BEIJING)

● Refrigeration and Heat Exchange R/D Center(SHANGHAI)

● Aluminium Magnesium Alloy R/D Center(ZHENGZHOU)

● Advanced Mould R/D Center(ZHENGZHOU)


Shanghai Refrigeration and Heat Exchange R/D Center is specialized in designing and researching aluminium products for commercial air conditioning & car air conditioning system, including various extruded aluminium tube, aluminium micro-channel tube (MPE), drawn aluminium tube and drawn profiles, aluminium header pipe, welded tube for condenser and radiator, etc.


Production Process Diagram 

The manufacturing process, which includes extrusion, cold drawing, annealing, rolling, and cutting, guarantees narrow tolerance, and a superior surface finish of the tubes.



Production Equipment 

1. Aluminium Billet Cast Equipment (Germany)


2. Extruder: 1650T/1800T/2000T/2600T/3600T


3. Metallisation Zinc Spray System (UK)


4. Pre-Flux/Si-flux Coating Line


5. Fixed Length Cutting Machine (Korea & Japan)


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