High Pressure Composite Gas Cylinder

High Pressure Composite Gas Cylinder Introduction

Relying on the domestic first-class R&D and production capacity of spinning super-long/ultra-thin/large-diameter spinning forming technology, aiming at the fields of aerospace defense and new energy storage and transportation, based on aluminum alloy spinning gas cylinder tubes, gas cylinder liner, etc. Existing industrial projects, cultivate new projects such as CNG gas cylinders, high-pressure hydrogen storage cylinders and transportation gas cylinders, and build an industry-leading research and industrialization base for energy storage and transportation equipment.

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  • Completed or under-construction production line.
  • 5 export gas cylinder tube production lines, theoretical annual output of 24,000 standard gas cylinder tubes.
  • 2 export gas cylinder liner production lines, theoretical annual output of 8,000 standard gas cylinder liners, products are exported to Europe and supplied in large quantities to many domestic mainstream gas cylinder companies;
  • 1 fuel gas cylinder development line, theoretical annual output of 2,000 standard gas cylinders, undertaking the R&D tasks of gas cylinders and storage tanks;
  • 1 intelligent production line of 1000-1500L hydrogen energy storage/luck bottle, which can be used to produce large-volume aluminum alloy liner wound hydrogen storage bottles with a pressure of 35-90MPa, with a theoretical annual production capacity of 6,000 pieces.

Technical Foundation

Equipped with the overall precision spinning forming technology for ultra-long aluminum alloy gas cylinder tubes, with a length of up to 10m; with a diameter ①550mm or more large-volume aluminum alloy gas cylinder liner closing and spinning technology; Winding technology, test analysis technology and complete production technology of gas cylinder tube, inner liner and winding gas cylinder; using infrared thermal imaging technology and image recognition technology to develop multiple sets of special automation equipment, greatly improving product production efficiency and product quality.

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It has been completed the development of 600-700L large-diameter aluminium alloy gas cylinder liners and overall gas cylinders, which is currently the largest domestic gas cylinder liners for fuel gas cylinders. Products are exported to Italy and Poland. And exclusively supply large-diameter and super-long gas cylinder liners for many domestic well-known gas cylinder companies.

Advanced Technology

It has taken the lead in developing the technology and equipment for the overall spinning forming of ultra-long, high-precision cylinders with a length of up to 10m in China.

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Product Series

ModelMediumCapacity(L)Length(mm)Work Pressure(MPa)Application
CNG3-402-199-20-SGAS199205020CNG heavy truck/bus
CNG3-665-510-20-S (The first in China)GAS510205020CNG heavy truck/bus
CNG3-510-365-20-SGAS365227020CNG heavy truck/bus
CHG3-460-260-35-SHydrogen260188035Hydrogen fuel battery bus/heavy truck etc.
CHG3-530-385-35-SHydrogen385213035Hydrogen fuel battery bus/heavy truck etc.
HJHG Ⅲ-40-0.35-42-T (The first in China)Hydrogen0.3538042Winter Olympic Torch
CHG3-533-1095-52-S (Unique)Hydrogen1095L570052Hydrogen energy transportation, hydrogen refueling station, etc.

Product Display


Long Tube Trailer Full Winding Composite Gas Cylinder

3 3

Vehicle-mounted Full Winding Composite Gas Cylinder

4 3

Super-high Temperature Gas Cylinder

2 3

Super-lightweight composite Gas Cylinder

7 3

Spherical cylinder

8 3

Ultra-small Gas Cylinder

Typical Application

Hydrogen Energy/CNG Supply/Storage and Transportation

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1)CNG/Hydrogen fuel supply system
2)Gas cylinder system for hydrogen refueling station
3)CNG/Hydrogen modular storage system