Aluminium CTP Substrate

  • CTP technology is mainly used in the digital printing industry. Generally speaking, CTP contains four meanings:
  • Computer to plate: directly from the computer to the printing plate, that is, offline direct plate making. Originally developed by photographic direct plate, all computer-controlled laser scanning images were developed, but printed by developing, fixing, and other processes. This technique eliminates the medium of film, which transforms text and images into numbers, and reduces the quality loss and material loss in the intermediate process. Usually, CTP is this type.
  • Computer to press: directly from computer to printing machine, that is machine direct plate making. The computer-controlled laser beam outputs the graphic information directly to the printing plate, and the printing plate is mounted on the cylinder. This kind of printing plate can only be used once, and graphic information can be recorded.
  • The Computer to Paper/Print: computer goes directly to paper or printing, that is, direct printing technology.
  • Computer to Proof: a computer direct proofs, namely colour digital proofing.
  • The aluminium CTP substrate for printing is a key product of CHAL. We arrange our exports and special machines to produce them, and the product quality has been well received by the market. The company’s existing production capacity of 50,000 tons/year

The Order Process of CTP Aluminium Substrate

CTP Aluminium Substrate

Specification of CTP Aluminium Substrate

CTP sheet metal with an aluminium substrate including quantitative indicators of aluminum substrate chemical composition, temperature and baking plate mechanical properties, thickness and width accuracy, the surface roughness of the aluminium substrate, burr and plate, these indexes in different degrees concerning the PS CTP Substrate and board material production quantity.

CTP Aluminium Substrate

Features of CTP Aluminium Substrate

1. The high-quality aluminium substrate

2. Special coating to give excellent imaging quality

3. High Resolution

4. High Pressure

5. Multiple layer grain structures and condensed oxidized layer

6. It is suitable for superb colour business printing and UV ink printing

CTP Aluminium Substrate

Reliable CTP Aluminium Substrate Manufacturer & Supplier – CHAL

CHAL is one of the leading CTP aluminum substrate manufacturers & wholesaler in China. With the development of the high-grade, personalized, high value-added printing industry, it is urgent to have a high-end high-quality CTP plate. In the production process of CTP plate, aluminum substrate plate is one of its important raw materials, and its quality directly affects the quality of CTP plate production.

The quantitative index of aluminum plate base for CTP plate includes substrate aluminum plate based chemistry, the mechanical properties of the ingredients, room temperature and baking sheet, the accuracy of thickness and width, the surface illuminance of the aluminum plate substrate, the edge burrs, and the plate shape. These indicators are related to CTP plate production and quality. The CTP plate substrate is usually made of aluminum with alloy grade 1145, 1150, 1060 and 1070. The temper is H state, there are three kinds of H18, H22, H26. The thickness is 0.14-0.3mm, the width is 400-1500 mm.

CTP Aluminium Substrate