8011 Aluminium Sheet For Closure Applications

  • Closure aluminium sheet, which is used in the manufacture of screw cap systems for bottles and other containers, is one of the main products in the aluminium packaging market. Aluminium property of being impermeable to gases and light, as well as the fact that it can be easily formed and decorated, make it a material of choice for closure applications.
  • Aluminium closure sheet is used for the bottle cap market. Using a unique rolling technology, CHAL supplies aluminum sheets ideally suited to manufacture the caps for long neck wine bottles, extremely deep drawn and decorated closures, plus a range of pilfer proof caps for beverage bottles, soft drink, juice, isotonic beverage, energy beverage, and other products, such as the 30×60 mm specifications are often used in the wine and spirits segment.
  • Thin aluminium closure sheet: We would like to introduce our thin aluminum sheet(alloy 8011A,3105) to you, the first choice for your closure products– Ropp caps, PP cap, pilfer proof cap, screw cap, caps and closures, aluminium cap, aluminium closure. CHAL thin aluminium sheet has excellent deep-drawing capabilities and lacquer adhesion, making sure the highest quality printing of drawings and designs, giving an impressive finish.

The Order Process of Closure Aluminium Sheet

order process of aluminum product

Specifications of Closure Aluminium Sheet

Direct Casing (DC) / Hot Rolled: used for long caps (up to 60mm)
Continuous Casting (CC) / Cold Rolled: used for short caps
Finished: Mill, DOS, lacquered, chromated
Shape: Sheet / Coil / Strip (sizes as per the clients’ specific requirements)

8011 Aluminium Sheet
8011, 3105H14, H16, H24, H260.15~0.25 mm
500~1000 mm 
(+0.5mm, -0mm)
500~1000 mm
(+0.5mm, -0mm)
500~1000 mm20~500 mm≤ 1mm

Chemical Composition of Aluminium Closure Sheet

80110.60~1.0 0.50~

Mechanical Properties and Tempers of 8011 Closure Aluminum Sheet

AlloyTemperThickness (mm)U.T.S (Mpa)Elongation (%)
8011H140.15~0.25 185~205≧2
AlloyTemperThickness (mm)U.T.S (Mpa)Elongation (%)
8011H140.15~0.25 125~155≧2
3105H140.15~0.25 150~200≧1
8011 Aluminium Sheet

The Features of 8011 Aluminum Sheet


Easily and economically recycled

Superior barrier qualities

Good formability

Bright finish for decoration

Applications of Closure Aluminium Sheets/Coils

Aluminium closure sheets/coils for the bottle cap market. Customers use our aluminum sheet to manufacture the caps for long neck wine bottles, plus a range of pilfer proof caps for beverage bottles, soft drinks, juice, isotonic beverage, energy beverage, and other products.

Packing Detail of 8011 Aluminium Sheet

Our products are packed and labelled according to the regulations and customer’s requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation. The standard export packaging, plastic film or craft paper covered. wooden case or wooden pallet is adopted to protect products from damage during the delivery. Also, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.

Packing Detail of 8011 Aluminium Sheet

Professional 8011 Aluminium Sheet Supplier – CHAL

CHAL is a leading aluminium sheet manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler. We can provide customized 8011aluminum sheet which is mainly used for closure. The aluminium closure sheet from CHAL has world-class quality at the most affordable prices. CHAL Aluminium enjoys a high reputation with the best service and fast delivery.