1100 Aluminum Sheet

  • 1100 aluminum sheet is one of the representatives of 1 series pure aluminum sheet, which is used for industry, its strength is relatively low, and it has excellent ductility, formability, weldability, and corrosion resistance; after anodizing, it can further improve the corrosion resistance and at the same time obtain a beautiful surface, but can not be strengthened by heat treatment. Meanwhile, with the addition of a small part of the alloy component Cu, the processability and surface processing of 1100 aluminum sheets and other alloy characteristics are enhanced, which can be better used for large storage tanks, food and chemical handling and storage equipment, sheet metal products, welding assemblies, reflectors, nameplates, and more.
  • The pure aluminum sheet series determines the minimum aluminum content of this series according to the last two Arabic numerals. For example, the last two Arabic numerals of the 1100 series are 00. According to the international brand naming principle, the aluminum content must reach 99.00% or more as a qualified product. My country’s aluminum alloy technical standard (GB/T3880-2012) also clearly stipulates that the aluminum content of 1100 reaches 99.0%.
  • CHAL has decades of aluminum sheet production experience and is able to produce and supply high-quality 1100 aluminum sheets of different sizes and tempers, the tempers including O (annealed), H12, H14, H16, H18, H26, etc. In addition, another 1xxx series aluminum sheets.

The Order Process of 1100 Aluminum Sheet 

1100 Aluminium Sheet

Specification of 1100 Aluminum Sheet  

Thickness (mm)0.2-350
Width (mm)100-2600
Length (mm)Customized
TemperO, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H32, H34, H36, H38
Typical ProductsKitchen utensils, building materials, heat exchangers, etc.

Chemical Composition of 1100 Aluminum Sheet  

Content (max)0.950.400.
composition of 1100 Aluminium Sheet

The Features of 1100 Aluminum Sheet  

1. Excellent corrosion resistance. 1100 aluminum sheet has good resistance to atmospheric corrosion and water corrosion. In addition, it can resist the corrosion of most acids and organics.

2. Good welding performance, it can braze with other materials.

3. Good ductility and machinability.1100 aluminum sheets can produce various aluminum materials through pressure processing, which can adapt to the larger speed of most machine tools for turning, milling, boring, planning, and other mechanical processing. Moreover, the good molding of 1100 aluminum sheets enables it to be rolled into sheets and foil, or pulled into pipes and wires, etc. 

4. There is no low-temperature brittleness, if the temperature is below 0℃, and the temperature decreases, its strength, and molding will not reduce but increase.

5. The strength of 1100 aluminum sheets is low, it cannot be strengthened by heat treatment.

Applications of 1100 Aluminium Sheet  

1100 aluminum sheet is the industrial pure aluminum, which is usually used for parts requiring good forming and machining performance, high corrosion resistance, and no high strength requirement, such as the transportation and storage equipment of chemical products, metal sheet products, the processing of drawing spinning hollow goods, welding key combination, reflector, etc.

It is widely used in various fields from cooking utensils to industrial equipment, such as heat sinks, caps, printing sheets, building materials, heat exchanger components, storage tanks, food industrial installations, deep blanking, bottle caps, wide curtain walls, engine boards, decoration, heat sink, hardware, etc.

It can also be used as deep-draw stamping products, especially, CHAL 1100-H24 aluminum sheet widely applied to doors and bus bodies.

Packing Detail of 1100 Aluminium Sheet  

The standard export packaging, plastic film, or craft paper covered customers’ requirements. A wooden case or wooden pallet is adopted to protect products from damage during delivery.

Packing Detail of 1100 Aluminium Sheet

1100 Aluminium Sheet Manufacturer and Supplier in China  

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