Aluminium Stamping Parts

Aluminium Stamping Parts

Aluminium is the ideal metal for parts that need strength and flexibility and has a much lower weight than most other metals. Because of the excellent properties such as low density, high strength to weight ratio, and excellent corrosion, aluminium stamping parts are widely used for aerospace, construction, automotive, electronics and energy industries. At CHAL, we can temper aluminium to different hardnesses, improving strength, stability and wear. Besides, aluminium stamping parts accept a variety of finishes and coatings, such as chem-film, paint and powder coating, which can increase its corrosion-resistance, thermal and electrical properties.

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  What is Aluminium Stamping?  

Custom-made aluminium stamping is the method of creating aluminium parts according to the required sizes and shapes through a method called stamping. It involves the pressing or stamping of the aluminium in dies or press tools to make it in the right form.


  Stamping Aluminium Specifications  

Aluminium is very ductile and malleable making it ideal for precision stamping processes. Common aluminium stamping grades and applications include:


Aluminium Alloy



Stamping 1100 Aluminium

High electrical conductivity, advanced corrosion resistance, and easy workability

Spun parts, chemical equipment, and anodized parts

Stamping 2024 Aluminium

High strength-to-weight ratio and strong fatigue resistance.

Aircraft & screw machine components

Stamping 3003 Aluminium

 A general-purpose alloy commonly used in sheet metal applications

Hardware, furniture & cooking utensils

Stamping 5052 Aluminium

Alloyed with chromium and magnesium

Sheet metal ductwork

Stamping 6061 Aluminium

Precipitation-hardened alloy containing magnesium and silicon, good weld-ability

Marine hardware, architectural structures & aerospace components


  Precision Aluminium Stamping Parts  

Custom aluminium stamping parts for a wide range of industries.


Aluminium Stamping Parts Aluminium Stamping Parts
1. Header pip 2. D Type Tondenser Collector
Aluminium Stamping Parts Aluminium Stamping Parts
3. Header Plate 4. Side Plate
Aluminium Stamping Parts Aluminium Stamping Parts
5. Tank 6. Progressive Mould
Aluminium Stamping Parts Aluminium Stamping Parts
7. Oil Cooler Chip 8. Pedal Pad
Aluminium Stamping Parts Aluminium Stamping Parts
9. Filler Neck and Bracket 10. Other Stamping Parts as Customers drawing


  Stamped Aluminium Parts Characteristics  

● Fast and highly accurate process ideal for high production runs.

● Punching, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging and coining.

● Run stampings up to .250" thickness.

Stamped aluminum parts have many features and benefits that make this alloy ideal for many applications.


  Stamping Aluminium Parts Applications  

Because aluminium stamping parts have various advantages, many industries choose aluminium for production. It is widely used for aerospace, construction, automotive, electronics and energy industries.

* Aerospace        * Construction

* Industrial         * Automotive

* Marine             * Lighting

* Medical           * Electronics


  Aluminium Stamping Processes  

Our aluminum stamping services range from short-run single hit stamping to high volume progressive die stamping. We provide quality-driven solutions to your custom metal stamping applications.

Forming: Includes different processes where force is applied to aluminium alloy to modify its geometry and create thin, flat pieces that can then be formed into more complex shapes.

Blanking: A fabrication process where a punch and die are used to cut pieces, referred to as blanks, from aluminium alloy for further processing. It produces minimal burrs, which helps reduce finishing costs and lead time.

Piercing: Uses similar machinery as blanking and involves using a punch and die to create holes, slots, and notches in sheet metal. It forms tight tolerances, produces a cleaner cut than drilling, and is more productive than laser cutting.

Drawing: A process where tensile force is used to stretch aluminium alloy blanks over a die until the desired thickness and shape is achieved. This precision metal stamping process is used to create fluid handling, aircraft parts, electronic components, and more.


  Stamping Equipment Used For Aluminium Parts  

Our stamping equipment will be able to finish 500 million times of stamping processing actions annually, and the average annual capacity can reach 10, 000 tons.

(1) Individual Stamping Machine

We have 60 sets of individual punch machines: specification 16-800T, including Nc plane punch, vertical four-post punch, precision punch, high-speed punch, etc.


(2) Continuous Stamping Machine

12 Sets Progressive stamping machine,16 to 1000 tons of punch equipment.



CHAL Aluminium Corporation is a fully integrated aluminum company that supplies all kinds of aluminium products and technical solutions. As one of the biggest aluminium manufacturers in China, we offer a wide range of aluminium profile, precision tubing, aluminium sheet, plate, strip, foil, aluminium machining parts, stamping part, and aluminium die casting parts.



  Why People Prefer Aluminium Stamping?  

Now aluminium parts applied to many industries, such as aerospace, construction, automotive, electronics, and energy industries. Most people choose aluminium stamping to form their required shapes or dimensions. The reasons as follows:

● The weight of aluminium has only 1/3 density of steel.

● Aluminium’s strength to weight ratio is better than metal, which includes stainless steel.

● It has better corrosion resistance than steel. Stamping aluminium surface will form an oxidation layer to resistant corrosion, so it makes aluminium a very low maintenance material.

● It offers outstanding durability in almost any application. It has a lower melting point than steel, can form different complicated shapes.

● Aluminium exhibits high electrical and thermal conductivity. And it is non-sparking, non-magnetic, and non-combustible.



Q1: Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

A1: We are a manufacturer.

Q2: Do you have your own R&D team?

A2: Yes, we can customize products to your requirements.

Q3: Do you provide free samples?

A3: Yes, We could provide the free samples within 0.5kg. You only need to undertake the express charges.

Q4: How about the quality?

A4: We have professional engineers and a strict QA&QC system.

Q5: Can we be your distributor?

A5: We are looking for distributors and agents all over the world.

Q6: How’s the package?

A6: Normally are cartons, but also we can pack them according to your requirements.

Q7: How’s the delivery time?

A7: It depends on the quantity you need, 1-25 days usually.


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