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Aluminum Alloy Liner High Pressure Composite Gas Cylinder

  • High-pressure composite gas cylinders and related products Large-volume aluminum alloy liner high-pressure composite gas cylinders, stainless steel liner composite material winding gas cylinders, titanium alloy spherical gas cylinders, high-pressure gas intelligent supply/storage and transportation systems.

What is an aluminum alloy liner high-pressure composite gas cylinder?

Large volume aluminum alloy liner high-pressure composite gas cylinder. The large-volume aluminum alloy liner high-pressure composite gas cylinder is made of aluminum alloy liner manufactured by strong spinning combined with closing spinning,

integrally formed around carbon fiber. It is a key product for gas storage and transportation of trucks, buses, and gas transport vehicles in European and American countries.

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Main Features:

Aluminum alloy liner high-pressure composite winding gas cylinder, maximum diameter 850mm, volume 200-3500L, usage pressure 20-90MPa, meeting CNG、H2、high purity industrial gas transportation.

Technical Advantages:

Equipped with the overall precision spinning forming technology for ultra-long aluminum alloy gas cylinder tubes, with a length of up to 10m; with a diameter of ①550mm or more large-volume aluminum alloy gas cylinder liner closing and spinning technology; Winding technology, test analysis technology and complete production technology of gas cylinder tube, inner liner and winding gas cylinder; using infrared thermal imaging technology and image recognition technology to develop multiple sets of special automation equipment, greatly improving product production efficiency and product quality.


CNG/H2 fuel gas cylinders for vehicles; CNG/H2 gas cylinders for storage and transportation vehicles; industrial high-purity gas storage and transport cylinders; gas cylinders for rail trains and transport ships; distributed energy gas cylinders.