Aluminium Operation Desk/Table

Aluminium Operation Desk/Table

  • Customizing is available as you offer us the section drawings.
  • Two kinds of profile: non-thermo-break profile and thermo-break profile.
  • Surface finish: mill finish, anodizing, electrophoresis, powder coating, wood grain, PVDF.
  • Property: sound isolation, heat preservation.
  • Saving energy.

The Order Process of Aluminum Desk/Table

Product ordering process

Advantages of Aluminium Desk/Table

1. Aluminum desks are ideal for quick-paced working environments in assembly, ensure that your workbench has just what you need and nothing you don’t.

2. The flexible T-slot aluminum profile workbench can accommodate extra lighting and seating facilities to be quickly built.

3. Easy to install, no machining required, neat and tidy.

4. Higher expand-ability, optionally add components and simple modification.

dvantages of Aluminium Desk/Table

Specifications of Aluminium Desk/Table

Material: Aluminium alloy

Feature: Eco-friendly, stable, customized, flexible

Size: Natural

Certification: CE, UL, SGS

Applications: Workplace of operation or inspection

Specifications of Aluminium Products

Why Choose CHAL As the Supplier of Aluminium Desk for Operation Or Inspection Use

CHAL provides a full range of aluminum operation or inspection tables, which mainly uses a T-slot aluminum extrusion framework, one benefit of which is aluminum’s lightness, whether you are assembling a large production line, installing automation equipment, or setting up a working table for a production line. You should note the corresponding strong property.

1. More than 10 years of production experience

2. High quality and eco-materials

3. CE and SGS certified

4. Exquisite technology

Sample Specifications of Aluminium